Friday, August 11, 2006

Apparently, consistency is hard work.

Kate McMillan, August 7: "Reuters are a bunch of lying, dishonest, terrorist-loving hacks."

Kate McMillan, August 11: "Hey, everybody! Good news, and you know it's for real 'cuz it's from Reuters." (See link regarding "reaching recruiting goals.")

Canada's Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck: When you refuse to let shrieking, maniacal mood swings get in the way of your right-wing news coverage.

: Do I even have to mention that the U.S. Army is meeting its quotas only because it's lowering its standards? Which leads to, well, this sort of thing.

Think of it as the Kate McMillan fan club. With automatic weapons.

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riley dog said...

I wait in horror for a fox canada version in which the media that she hates keeps quoting her dangerous crap as rational and real and we see the ultimate terror...KKK on tv as a pundit.