Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hey, Jordan ... try not to keep all that outrage bottled up.

Well, you knew the recent Ann Coulter dumbassitude was just too front-page for every Blogging Tory to ignore it (although, God knows, it's not for lack of trying). So let's check in on one of them who actually worked up a little ... well, I'm not sure you can quite call it "outrage":

Ann Coulter definitely took her comments too far at the CPAC conference.

OK, Jordan, that's a good start. A good start. Now let's run with it.

Being such a high-profile conservative, she definitely expanded the view of some that the right is intolerant.

"Expanded the view?" Yeah, you could say that, Jordan. But come on, you can do better than that. Then again, maybe not:

Although this couldn't be farther from the truth, anyone who would previously say that now has a target for that finger-pointing.

Um ... huh? "Couldn't be farther from the truth?" I'm sorry ... are we reading the same press coverage here? But Jordan continues like the spineless pussy that he is:

Coulter said it was a joke - listen; those are the kinds of jokes for private. You tell those kinds of jokes to friends, family, people you know won't take offence. A recent Canadian study showed that a good deal of Canadians tell these types of jokes. In itself there is really nothing wrong with jokes like that; but keep them between you and those close to you. I wouldn't be yelling them out to the media.

Damn straight. You can think that kind of shit -- just don't say it out loud. At least, not when the media's around. Then Jordan finishes with a flourish:

Time to apologize, and move on..

You bet, Jordan. Especially that "move on" part, since it would be really annoying if everyone didn't just drop this whole issue since it's so ... so ... yesterday, know what I mean?

And, by the way, it's still Bill Clinton's fault, right?

. Check out the comments there, where Jordan actually puts fingers to keyboard to produce:

Well the comments don't mean she's intolerant - they just give the impression she is.

And Kathy Shaidle isn't really a mean-spirited, raving bigot. But if you read her work, you just might get that impression. Funny how that works.


Ti-Guy said...

Man...I didn't realise Mr. Complete Penis was such a bad writer. "Farther from the truth?" Expanding views?

Get off the computer and read a book, fer cryin' out loud.

Wayne said...

Next you will be bad mouthing my hero Michael Savage as anti-gay. :)

Anonymous said...

you only know the facts.... he knows her heart.

catnip said...

Well the comments don't mean she's intolerant - they just give the impression she is.

So, if I call him an ignorant twit...according to wingnut logic...oh wait, my head just exploded...

Weasel said...

I didn't think she was intolerant..... I just thought she was an idiot.

Luna said...

What really gets me is that this story should be, "Ann Coulter calls Edwards a faggot", but "GOP bigwigs laugh and applaud as Coulter calls Edwards a faggot".

Good lord, this is insane. Why wasn't every last one of them there asked if they approve, and if they applauded? Must be that liberal bias in the media. Yeah.