Thursday, January 21, 2021

The burning stupid of Rebel News commenters.

An embarrassment of riches from which to pick, but this recent submission is too precious for words. Here's regular Rebel News contributor Bruce Atchison, pointing out the inherent flaws in solar power:

So, apparently, solar power doesn't work well when there's "too much" sunlight? And ignore the fact that, not only is there sunlight in the winter, but solar panels actually work more efficiently when it's cold. Ignore all the abysmal stupid in that comment and ask yourself, where in all of Canada would you be best equipped to take advantage of solar power? Oh, look:

The stupidity is mind boggling. I swear, Bruce is one of those yobs who will denigrate wind power with, "Well, what do you do when there's no wind? Huh? Did you ever think of that?"

Jesus ...

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Anonymous said...

Germany doesn't use renewable energy anymore? Someone better tell the Germans quick since in 2019 they used 240,000 GWh.