Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rebel News: Your number-one source of information about Rebel News.

Completely overlooked in the current elementary school playground slapfight between Erin O'Toole and Ezra Levant:

is the underlying pattern one sees when dealing with Ezra and Rebel News -- the inevitability that every story coming out of Rebel News is about ... Rebel News. It never fails. Ever.

Only Ezra could take an innocuous story about "interviewing" Erin O'Toole (which, by the way, he did not), and morph it into a massive clusterfuck of publicity wherein it's now all about Rebel News, to the point where Ezra is running his 3,649th petition solely for the purpose of data mining more rubes and yokels for his mailing list:

It has always been thus -- the fundamental purpose of Ezra Levant and Rebel News is not to publish news; rather, it is to talk endlessly and tediously about (you guessed it) Ezra Levant and Rebel News.

  • Witness: Rebel News "Alberta Bureau Chief" Sheila Gunn Reid covers a rally; for the next several months, the only story is about how someone told her to fuck off, and the subsequent court case. A petition follows.
  • Witness: In-house brownshirt Keean Bexte tries to cover a Justin Trudeau presser; for the next several months, the only story is about how he was denied entry. A petition follows.
  • Witness: David Menzies tries to interview Peter MacKay; for the next several months, the only story is how he was ungraciously shown the door, and arrested when he made an total ass of himself. A petition follows.

It never changes. Ever. Rebel News has nothing to do with publishing news, and everything to do with relentless, shameless self-promotion, monetizing and grift, 24/7/365. As if you needed me to explain that.

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