Tuesday, February 09, 2010

When Blogging Tories forget their talking points, it gets ugly in a hurry.

Briefly demonstrating a flicker of principle and consistency, Blogging Tory "BC Blue" very, very gently takes Retard-bot Sarah Palin to task for her hypocrisy:

Oh my, this doesn’t look good for someone who criticized Obama for being a “Charismatic guy with a teleprompter.”

Unsurprisingly, BC Blue's faithful commenters immediately turn on him for his savage, treasonous, disgusting disloyalty. We won't be having any of that free-thinking and coherent punditry in Stephen Taylor's house, no fucking way.

P.S. Commenter "The Aviator" writes what we suspect everyone else is thinking:

Doesn’t look good? You’re comparing a couple of words to a @#$%^ teleprompter. I suggest that you change your blog title and drop off Blogging Tories if you are going to play stupid liberal games!

Yeah! Fucking fair and balanced asswipe! Fuck you and your fairness, and your consistency, and your equal application of criticism regardless of ideology. Just fuck you, and take your fucking fairness and balance and just fuck off, OK?

Stephen Taylor must be so fucking proud.


JJ said...

Yet another victim of the relentless pursuit of ideological purity.

I can't believe how stupid these people are -- some of them still think those notes on her hand were for the speech, not because she couldn't remember how to answer a simple scripted question about the core values of conservatism.

They're freaking hopeless.

CC said...

Here's a thought, JJ ... feel free to stop by there and leave a polite comment, explaining reality to those idiots. Let's see how well that goes down.

I'm not optimistic.

Saucy said...

Here's the comment I left. It is still awaiting moderation.

"BC, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with using notes or a teleprompter when you are making a speech or presentation.

The left is picking on Sarah Palin only because of her comments in regards to Barack Obama’s use of a teleprompter when making a long speech, which has opened her up to ridicule for what appears to be her inability to remember three basic talking points during a soft-balled question, all three of which are fairly prominent points in the conservative agenda.

Finally, Palin is facing a great deal of ridicule for her chosen method of note taking. Most professionals would agree, I think, that it is incredibly *unprofessional* to write on one’s own hand. It’s the kind of thing people usually see their small children do, not grown women who want to run the United States.

A suggestion for Sarah Palin: Many stationers carry lovely little leather things that look like very fashionable wallets and hold 30 to 50 little cards, larger than a business card, on which you can take notes using the enclosed pen. Very proper, very fashionable and quite smart."

The Seer said...

Youse guys don't listen to enough right-wing radio in the US to understand the teleprompter issue.

The received view of Obama on the tea party circuit is that Obama is an empty suit, employed by left-wing elitists to hoodwink Americans into complacency while unseen elitists quietly take away their guns, their Bibles and their constitutional rights. This view may not be stated explicitly by talk radio hosts, but at least some of these hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh, sponsor this view by selecting callers who complain that Obama is a puppet, whose strings are pulled by hidden elites, or words to that effect. These callers have contempt for Obama's presumed stupidity.

I know this seems counter-factual to a lot of you, but as late as WWII, African-Americans were not allowed in the infantry because most Americans considered physically, intellectually and morally unreliable. (President Harry S Truman integrated the US Armed Forces by executive order in 1947.) Southerners resisted "integration," following the US Supreme Court's order in 1954, with the warning that once the blacks got integration they would want miscegenation. In the view of a lot of Southerners, the whole point of the US Constitution was to protect the white race from the horror of miscegenation.

Real Americans are not heavy on content. They ignore "evidence" that fails to conform to their faith. The teleprompter business is a form of derision aimed at Obama. Sarah may come across to you as a country bumpkin but she's savvy and skilled in the Christianist method of laying things between the lines.

One other thing. I don't know how it's is in Canada, but in the US, it's not the middle class kids who write crib notes on their hands. This buys Sarah authenticity in the tea party crowd.

So, you see, teleprompters and notes on hands really are apples and oranges.