Friday, February 05, 2010

Pithy. It's what's for dinner.

Stephen Harper: "If the Opposition is so concerned about time lost to prorogation, I'll cancel some holidays so we can catch up, and I assume they will have no objection to that, and it will make me look like a politically tactical genius."

Proper response to the above: "Dear Stephen: Awesomely stupid, fucking decisions on your part do not constitute an emergency on our part."

I'm sure you see my point.


liberal supporter said...

Typical CPC though. They screw up, everyone else pays. Nothing new there.

After having a comment allowed to stand at neo's last week, I didn't bother to visit there, despite his whining that some new commenter he doesn't like is me.

Today though, I decided to comment there again, and of course was deleted with the usual lie about what was said. Here is the clearly offensive comment:

======= neo Feb 5
I was worried that Harper might actually get it about why there is so much anger at the prorogueathon. Thankfully for the other parties, he continues to be a petulant and juvenile crybaby, with him and his cheering sections smirking away pretending the issue is the length of the prorogue. You'd think he'd have realized everyone except the BTs are sick of his endless game playing, channel changing and gotcha politics. But, after all, he's Harper, what was I thinking?

So now there will be plenty of time for him to finally follow the law and release the uncensored documents. The documents which I am sure will clear him and MacKay of any suspicion of being complicit in war crimes.

It is fun though, watching the wingnuts trying to project that the opposition is all squealing. It just shows you *still* don't get it!


Alison said...

Wherry reported yesterday on a painful 'media availability moment' with Tony Clement:

"There’s no question that when we reviewed the situation there is a lot of work to be done. We’re doing work right now," he explained. "When the session does convene there’s no question that there’ll be a lot of work for Parliamentarians to do. And just as we’ve been working hard in our constituencies and throughout Canada, there’ll be a lot of work for Parliament to do after March 3."

A meddlesome reporter asked the minister if perhaps he had erred in suggesting only the chattering classes were particularly interested in the business of Parliament.

"I guess what I can tell you, again, is we’re working hard," Mr. Clement explained. "We’re working hard on behalf of Canadians. On behalf of their hopes and aspirations."

Tony does the Chimperor. heh.

Niles said...

I have to agree with the comments that pointed out if they came back on March 3 and then broke for holiday again on the 15th(or so) of March for the (eostre, easter, equinox, etc) break, they'd look even worse than they do now.

I wonder if those optics even occurred to them before everyone started raising a nopro stink, or if they were *counting* on the break to give them yet another 'natural' reprieve from Parliament...since no one who was not part of the chattering classes was going to care if Parliament was on or off.

Metro said...

Didn't he say they prorogued Parliament because they had work to do?

But now they want to cancel a break so they can get some work done?

Are they that stupid?

... Don't answer that.