Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apparently, just keep your knees together, you sluts.

The Ottawa Citizen's St. David of Warren is big on abstinence. Hey, it's kept him from getting pregnant all these years.


double nickel said...

WTF? Dude needs to lay of the communion wine.

sooey said...

Did he just call all women whores?

Lindsay Stewart said...

don't nobody tell this fella where the word easter comes from or what the rabbit symbolizes.

Niles said...

He's waxing...uhm...his ears...apparently.

Is he drugged? "If men were good, women wouldn't need to seek them?" Teh Hell? Erotic love is dark and uhm..pagan? Christian love is all civilizational????

He definitely went the whores/madonnas route on women. Not to mention the man-hating route of 'men are rutting unicorn beasts with a big horn' and 'women are the saints that must tame grunty lingam-worshipping males (for an bonus level of finding groups he doesn't understand to Other), but chastely in a Christian manner, or risk becoming unfeminine manly-creatures themselves'. Oh teh woez.

In other words, he didn't get laid on the 14th.

JJ said...

Where did David Warren get peyote at this time of year?