Monday, February 08, 2010

Let the desperate Sarah-flavoured rationalizations begin.

[GREETINGS, PHARYNGULOIDS! FYI, Kate McMillan would be our (Canadian) version of, well, Michelle Malkin. Or Ann Coulter. Whichever's more repulsive.]

Having for months mocked Barack Obama mercilessly for his alleged reliance on a teleprompter, the screechy howler monkeys over at Kate McMillan's Special Ed Chicken and Rib Palace are suddenly forced to defend Sarah Palin and her childish crib sheet (link to Kate's if you really need to check it out).

First, there's the frantic appeal to conspiracy, mixed in with a little denigration and deliberate misspelling of Obama's name:

I found it hard to believe that Owebambam would use a teleprompter to speak at a grade school. I will double check to be certain that the ink wasn't put on [Palin's] hand after the speech. (Photoshop)

Posted by: Joe at February 8, 2010 1:04 AM

After a couple commenters seem to miss Kate's point, she is forced to type more slowly, appropriate for the grade school mentality that is her readership:

Eh, folks are missing the point here. If all I needed as prompts for a 45 minute speech were 6 words, I'd write them on my hand, too.

Posted by: Kate at February 8, 2010 1:18 AM

[Ed: As a commenter has already pointed out, Palin did not consult her hand during a "speech." It was, in fact, during a scripted interview, for which one has even less excuse to need help like that.]

Next, commenter "The Aviator" appears to understand his role as loyal stenographer:

The word crossed out looks like 'budget' to me, so Mrs. Palin decided to emphasize tax cuts rather than budget cuts. Regarding writing on one's hand - that has long been done in aviation with callsigns, etc, especially in the confines of a cockpit. If a speaker wants to remember a sequence while looking at the audience and not the podium it's a handy (get it?) idea. I used to give a 1 1/2 lecture with four cue cards; if you know your subject, you don't need a teleprompter. To give a speech with just four points shows competence; I'm impressed.

Posted by: Aviator at February 8, 2010 1:23 AM

Not to be outdone, commenter Jeff Cosford is equally thrilled with Palin's ability to need only half a dozen words to carry her through a softball interview:

Yup gotta agree with Kate if you can go out and speak at a major speaking engagement like this one and do it with a few notes on your hand my hats off to you.

The heat of the lights, the terror when speaking in front of crowd that is so focused on every word a laser couldn't get more focused.

Now that is gravitas.

Posted by: Jeff Cosford at February 8, 2010 1:26 AM

Shortly thereafter, the floodgates of unthinking adulation swing open:


The video of Obama using teleprompters at a grade school was hosted at

Kate wrote, "Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!"

Love it, love it, love it! Kate gives a crisp clean coup de grĂ¢ce to the bleating liberals.

Posted by: Looking Glass at February 8, 2010 1:41 AM

Sadly, some commenters show up, hopelessly ignorant of what actually happened but, by God, they're not going to be left out of the panty-moistening adoration:

I'm impressed. 45 minutes with 6---1 word cues.....amazing.

Except that what was written wasn't "6---1 word cues". Let us refresh our memory as to what Palin had scrawled on her hand to help her through an interview that was in the friendliest confines imaginable:

Budget Tax cuts
Lift American spirits

Six words, representing only three individual topics. And, seriously, one has to wonder how intellectually limited one has to be to not remember something like "Energy". Or "Lift American spirits." No matter. Thrusting reality brutally to one side, Kate's regulars continue to dig through Palin's panty drawer, looking for anything to be used as an article of mindless worship:

Sarah Palin's hand cues look like she represents the "common Americans" while Obama's teleprompters look like Barry is in bed with the elites by comparison.

I think the American people are longing for someone who they can really relate to, someone who will listen to them, someone genuine.

Sarah Palin used to work as a commercial fisherman with that hand.
She holds the stock of her rifle steady with that hand.

Posted by: Oz at February 8, 2010 2:00 AM

The dumbassitude continues as "CJ" also proves incapable of counting to three, and stopping there:

It's hard to see anything wrong with this. I assume there are five or six words there because there are five or six subjects that she wants covered. She can just look at the hand for a quick check to make sure she hasn't missed one of these essential topics. She's been doing a lot of public speaking lately, so she knows what she wants to say about each of them.

Nothing she does is going to please the media. If she speaks extemporaneously (which she is -- a few words on your palm aren't going to get you through a speech if you don't know the material) then they say she's amateurish. If she used a teleprompter like Obama, they'd say she was scripted by handlers.

Posted by: CJ at February 8, 2010 2:24 AM

And, predictably, it just goes downhill from there:

Also take note of the fact that the writing on the hand is not blurred from sweaty palms.

My guess is that this is someone that can construct a speech from scratch by asking one simple question.
"What did you want me to speak about?"
Then goes on stage and does it. She knows what to say and has a response to the questions.
Whereas that other guy doesn't even ask, he just has his lines fed to him and has no idea what he answers are.

Posted by: gimbol at February 8, 2010 6:53 AM

gimbol, she doesn't even have to ask. She knows!! She is one of them. Unlike most of the other so called politicians in Washington (Ottawa, London, etc.)

Posted by: Louise at February 8, 2010 6:58 AM

So, to recap, using a teleprompter to assist in giving lengthy, complex monologues? Loser!!! Needing to remind yourself that, as a die-hard conservative, you should talk about tax cuts, and apparently being unable to remember six words without assistance? Teh Awesome!!1!111!!!

This would be amusing, if it weren't so sad.

BONUS TOWEL SNAP TO THE NADS: You had to know PZ would be all over this as well.

OFFS! Having exhausted the moderately idiotic defenses for Palin's childish cheating, SDA commenter "manotick" now proposes that Caribou Barbie is just too clever for the rest of us:

I have to laugh at everyone on this one. The whole world is going crazy on this crib notes thing - the progressive liberals mocking this high schoolish bathing beauty moron and her admirers amazed at how smart she is.

But no one yet has got the message...a message that was intended for only one person. Sarah, my friends, has a tremendous sence of humour...with a nice touch of sarcasm thrown in. And that hand thing was a clear personal shot across the bow at Obama. And he knows it. He saw that and must have riled. Instead of 6000 words on a teleprompter...she only needs a "handful.

She truly is brilliant...good on her.

I'd mock that but, really, that would be so painfully redundant.



Shiner said...

The comment from Aviator takes the cake. Sarah Palin is just like a fighter pilot.

By the way, I'm too lazy to watch the video again, but wasn't she answering questions as opposed to giving a speech as all the kids in the short bus are saying?

The Seer said...

My favorite comment is from Oz:

Cues on the hand are a good idea.
A person could drop a card or forget it in the heat of a moment * * * .

My mother used to talk about people who would forget their heads if they weren't attached.

Elizabeth may be your queen; Sarah's my queen.

Ti-Guy said...

Just the way KKKate's sycophants talk (as expressed in their comments) makes me nauseous. Most of them are Americans, which would explain that forced over-exuberance.

thwap said...

With their self-pitying whining, they're like some vigilante who went into the wrong house and slaughtered an innocent family thinking they were terrorists. When it's pointed out that they fucked-up, they stand there amidst the carnage and scream "Stop picking on me!!!!!"

Useless idiots.

JJ said...

Holy cow, they really are imbeciles. They really think she was using her palm-o-prompter for the 45 minute speech. I thought at least Kate was smarter than that. Wow.

Ted Betts said...

The truly funny part of the interview is that, not only did she know beforehand that she would need the notes, not only does she actually look at them, but she still flubs the answer.

Watch it again and see how she is given the softball question with some assistance, looks at her palm, and still manages to give an incoherent babble that doesn't even achieve the intellectual depth of prepared talking points.

Ted Betts said...

Unfortunately, the camera does not show what was written on the other hand, a much more succinct "Right".

Unknown said...

Shorter Oz:

"Uh... huh huh huh... Sarah can hold the stock of MY rifle steady any time! Huh huh huh... BOIYOIYOIYOIYOINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!"

Niles said...

The first thing I thought when reading what was on her hand was the 3 part Underpants gnomes' plan for success.

1. Energy
2. ???? aka tax cuts
3. Lift American Spirits!!!

Energy is ..what? reminding herself to look caffeinated? I mean...isn't that the sum total of the Republican strategery in a nutshell?

And by nutshell, I mean that puppet on stage.

Steven Carr said...

Don't quarterbacks sometimes write plays on their gloves?

Important stuff - like 'Let go of ball when throwing'

Steven Carr said...

Do you think somebody ought to tell Jon Stewart about what Palin did?