Monday, February 08, 2010

When unbelievably retarded Hunters blog.

Blogging Tory "Hunter" is major-league proud of her mad rhetorical skillz:

Well Don't They Look Like Fools Now!

So, the feminists blathered all over the place about a Focus on the Family ad, yapping about how it should not be allowed, and giving it lots of advance publicity so that we were watching for it. We have satellite so we get the American commercials. If the feminists hadn't created such a fuss, I would have had no clue that this commercial was an anti-abortion ad...

I see nothing wrong with the ad and if more people go and visit Focus on the Family, that's the whole idea isn't it? I think all the feminists look like fools right about now, but that is nothing new for them. I guess they are just jealous because they didn't think of creating their own ad.

Well, Hunter, aside from the fact that Pam Tebow's story appears to be utter shash, the reason some people are annoyed is that CBS has long had a "no advocacy" policy which they used to justify rejecting other people who wanted to make a point:

The networks and the NFL have repeatedly rejected advocacy ads — including by progressive organizations. In 2004, CBS rejected’s 30-second ad about President Bush, which Salon called “a low-key attack on Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility that’s unlikely to make anyone very angry.” The network has said that it doesn’t accept spots where “substantial elements of the community (are) in opposition to one another.” Last year, NBC rejected a 30-second public service announcement about marriage equality. Anti-consumerist activist Kalle Lasn and PETA have also had their ads turned down under the “no advocacy” policy.

Once again, Hunter opens mouth only to plant both feet firmly in up to her knees. I've long since stopped being surprised.

, you screeching idiot, I'm amused by your infantile jab here:

I think all the feminists look like fools right about now, but that is nothing new for them. I guess they are just jealous because they didn't think of creating their own ad.

Yes, Hunter ... creating their own ad ... what a stroke of genius that would have been. If only they'd thought of that. Oh, wait ... they did:

Furthermore, CBS has refused to allow Planned Parenthood to buy airtime to run an ad countering the dangerous message that the "Tebow Ad" contains.

I'm begging you, Hunter, for the love of God and everything else you consider holy, shut the fuck up. Seriously. You are a one-woman army that makes women look like total retards.

Stop it. Women everywhere will thank you.


sooey said...

Professional sports watching is for retards.

Plex Flexico said...

You'd think that Hunter would have learned by now that you actually need to FOLLOW the news in order to be able to comment on it.

Awww, hell. Even my anti-choice grandmother found the whole affair and the lies told by Pam Tebow to be outrageously irresponsible and really quite unchristian.

I suppose, though, that a 97 year old lady from England *is* more "with it" than Hunter could ever hope to be.

The Seer said...

This is a serious comment with a clear point:

What I find offensive about Timmy and his mom is what we in the northern us call "street-corner religion." No less an authority than Martin Luther (no, not the King one, the German one) once said “The righteous man is one who accuses himself first.”

When King Stephen starts to carry on about hockey, what I hear is "street-corner hockey."

When King Stephen's starts to carry on about hockey, he's not just trying to change the subject. Seems to me it's a claim of authenticity that, by implication, lesser Canadians lack.

thwap said...

Hunter is not only a moron, she's a disgusting racist.

She's contemptible.

KEvron said...

twatsie's weigh-in on the matter was precious! mullethead just never tires of getting it completely assed up.


KEvron said...



Cameron Campbell said...

I tried to comment. One has gotten through. The rest are still in moderation hell.