Friday, February 05, 2010

There isn't enough tin-foil on the planet for this.

Oh, no! Busted!

(Wag of the tail to earlier commenter Paladiea.)

: Is it worth enumerating the set of Canada's wingnuts who are now stroking themselves into wall stains over this?

Should we keep a list? Seriously.


Mike said...

People with keen interest in poltics and government often get involved in politics and government. What a surprise.

deBeauxOs said...

Good grief. Nobody ever claimed that none of the participants or those involved in getting the word weren't card-carrying members of some political party.

Those who produced the widely viewed YouTube "Culture en péril" during the last federal elections in 2008 may have been supporters of the Bloc québecois.

So what? Democratic participation is for everybody, whether one has formal political affiliations or not.

Ti-Guy said...

You'll notice only those *with* partisan ties are featured. Those without?

Confirmation bias for Conservatives = Inquiry for the rest of us.

The real scandal is that the Conservatives know this, but pretend they're being objective anyway.

Where did these hideous people come from? Where?...WHERE????


Holly Stick said...

Hey, does this mean the evul coalition has returned from the grave?

thwap said...

I attended a rally planning meeting in Hamilton.

There were NDP'rs, Liberals, Greens, Marxists as well as citizen activists. There was also a gentleman from Colombia who was appalled at harper's treatment of democratic oversight, with his horror magnified by his understanding of the importance of democratic accountability coming from a narco-torture state like Colombia.

They were all working together.

They all announced their affiliations openly, and they insisted that the event was for the people.

There was even talk about excluding all politicians from speaking, and giving the people the podium instead.

(I voted against that as I thought it was fitting that locked-out MPs be allowed to address the rally about parliament being locked.)

M@ said...

Where were these cub reporters when CPC MPs were passing out CPC-branded stimulus cheques?

Probably there was a shiny thing nearby or something.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

I just commented at rally facts; I was one of the folks that helped organise the rally in Kingston, Ontario.

Just in case it doesn't make it out of moderation, here's what I said:

"I was one of the people who helped organise the rally in Kingston. The woman who spearheaded the effort does not belong to a political party, and neither do I, and we did the bulk of the work in setting it up. We had some talks with local riding association representatives (we called all of local associations up and invited them to come to the organisation meetings) and there was a liberal and a dipper there… the CPC riding association, however, declined our invitation, both to the organisation meetings and to the rally itself, which is too bad because I would have been interested in hearing their argument for why it was both good and necessary to prorogue parliament at this time.

At the rally itself, we had a speaker from the libs, the dippers, and one of the local greens. We had a prof from Queen’s there as well, and a couple of people from various local groups with a political slant that aren’t associated with any particular party. The discussion was interesting, engaging, and convivial; unfortunately I don’t think that the CPC did itself any favours in the riding by spurning our invitation.

So… considering that they explicitly told us they had no interest in engaging on the issue, it seems a little disingenuous for them to complain that people from the Opposition were they while they weren’t; they were invited and it was entirely their own decision not to come to the rally and argue their point."

If it was slanted against the CPC, well, that's to be expected when the CPC decides not to come despite being invited to participate in the planning of as well as the rally itself.

If they decide not to show up, an anti-CPC bias is their own damn fault, imho.

James Bow said...

The blogger Christian Conservative took this up in regards to the K-W rally over a week ago. I wrote this in response. Really, what are 'partisan' people supposed to do when a non-partisan event occurs around an issue they support? Are they now supposed to stay home and not fight for the issues they care about in order to spare the organizers their partisan taint?

It's silly and it's clutching at straws. If you can get several different partisans working together on an issue, you can be pretty sure that the issue has non-partisan as well as multi-partisan support.

Niles said...

But it's non-partisans from many provincial parts, and they're putting all their non-parts together in a protest party that imparts a partisan view that piss-all of them are pleased with PM Harper, and that appears to promote, nay provocatively promulgate, partisanship to the Parliamentary departed on the Right.

So, as soon as a provoked percentage of the population plunges into publically party-pooping Harper's prorogation, it's partisan, ne c'est pas?

The only non-partisan patriots, are the populace who stayed put and didn't partake. Which proclaimed implicit approval of the PM. Which is purely and practically non-partisan.

The exceptions apparently are the primpers of Harper who are also promoters from personal press webpages that pried themselves out to pop by, point, presume and pre-emptively prosyletize that the parties in all the provinces were programmed (if populated at all) as positively identified by the professional posters present and parading about, poetically paddywacking the PM.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Heh... we (that is, the three of us that organised the Kingston rally) got called a lynch mob by someone over on the rallyfacts site. Since it's impossible to tell, I wonder if rose21 is one of the admins on the site or not.