Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thank you, CBC.

Breaking news:

In other news, Canada's hockey team eagerly looks forward to playing a lacklustre first round, barely eking their way into the playoffs and flaming out in glorious style.

I just thought that needed saying.


Lindsay Stewart said...

canada's hockey team? oh you mean the nhl guys. fuck them. the only national hockey representing canada will be the women's team. the rest is just an ad for coke and visa and other poisons.

Michael said...

I long for the good old days when the Olympic hockey medals came down to a battle between our Russians and their Russians.

double nickel said...

Actually, in the good old days Canada had a national men's hockey team.

Cameron Campbell said...

As much as I would like Double Hockey Gold (with the possibility of a new Roots t-shirt to go with it) I'm with Lindsay, the only hockey team that matters is the women's team.

crf said...

I would like to see an Olympic winner dedicate his performance to hard work and sportsmanship. Which is what the Olympics are about.

I would like to see at least some athletes pointed keep in reserve their flag waving nationalism for the medal, opening, and closing ceremonies, where nationalist symbolism is tastefully and appropriately handled.

Being able to literally wave your country's flag is not a skill. Doing so at the expense of other ideals is discreditable. Using the flag as a cape and a towel in front of your competitors and people watching on TV from other countries is juvenile and cheapening.

Lindsay Stewart said...

"Which is what the Olympics are about."
Past tense crf, past tense. The Owelympics have nothing to do with s[sportsmanship or integrity or nobility. The athletes are an afterthought unless they're in the big ticket games, evereything else is a little visual clutter to make the advertising banners look good.