Monday, February 15, 2010

Stop him before he photo ops again!

Always on the lookout for abject human misery and massive body counts that he can milk to his political advantage, Stephen "Il Douche" Harper is off to Haiti to have his picture taken with some poor orphan so that he can look like he cares.

In a special to the Globe, Gerald Caplan has some interesting facts on Haiti for Photo-Op Steve, under the mistaken impression that Steve actually gives a fuck about any of those people.

I eagerly await the imminent picture of Harper with the caption, "Vote for me or I eat this child!"


Kelly said...

A politician and a photo-op....scandelous!

900ft Jesus said...

it's like the prorogation thing. It's not that harper does it, but why he does it that's objectionable.

Anyone with a heart and a conscience can see that.

Backseat Blogger said...

no, 900ft Jesus, it IS the sheer fact that Harper does it and not what he does that Liberals and their fellow travellers find objectionable.

900ft Jesus said...

Backseat, that makes no sense. You're contradicting yourself.

And you can hardly tell me what I find objectionable. I object to his motives, his reasons for doing certain things. Or can Harper over-write my thoughts like he does to neandercons?

Backseat Blogger said...

i dunno Mr very big jesus. i thought my comment made sense to me but let me try again.

there are two factors in operation at one and the same time: the double standard and the ad hominem attack.

if harper does a thing it is, ipso facto, bad because it is harper that it is doing it not because the thing itself is good or bad.

ie prorogation is only bad when harper does it. this ignores the decades long process of the emasculation of parliament - primarily under the liberals. chretien's prorogation of parliament in order to leave the auditor general's report on sponsorgate to explode in the lap of his successor is specifically on point... and totally ignored.

and the list goes on.

CC said...

Dear BB:

Here's a simple question for you: Who is the only Prime Minister in Canadian history who prorogued Parliament in order to avoid almost certain defeat on a upcoming confidence vote?

Now stop being such an abysmally ignorant asshole and go away and learn something. You are simply embarrassing yourself.

900ft Jesus said...

no, prorogation isn't only bad when harper does it, and very few people are saying that - if any. What they are saying, and very clearly at that, is that harper's use of it this last time was to avoid the Afghan detainee issue, primarily, and that is an abuse of the process, and dangerous to our democracy as well since it allows the government to avoid accountability.

If all business had been wrapped up and we were due for another throne speech, no problem, but that wasn't the case. Instead, by proroguing, steve not only dodged inquiries, he also killed his own precious crime bills yet still attempts to blame the Senate.

Chr├ętien did it...does that mean we should just tolerate it from anyone else who comes along, for whatever reason, and without question? That argument never worked with my mother when I was four, and it shouldn't carry any weight with our politicians.

And about Chr├ętien...he actually stepped down, and the new Lib leader, Martin, called a hands off investigation into adscam. Remember? Gomery was given free hand, no interference. Harper sure can't say the same about the detainee matter.

But if you really, really think that if someone did a bad thing before, no one is allowed to question or criticize anyone else for dong it later (even when those same people actually won an election swearing they'd be different), then hell, let's just find the lowest common denominator for everything, identify the worst deeds ever done, and not worry about a thing unless someone dives even deeper into the mire.


900ft Jesus said...

"stop being such an abysmally ignorant asshole"

so much more concise than my comment, and far more accurate.

David said...

Why is argumentum ad hominem such a difficult concept for conservative bloggers?

Oh. Sorry. My bad.

thwap said...

Gotta loathe those harper lovers.