Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Fancy kettle, meet dirty old pot. In a remarkable show of tone deaf hypocrisy, Federal Scumba... Minister of Foreign Affairs, Larry Cannon has the gall to to fret over Nato puppet Karzai's desire to control electoral watchdogs. That would be Larry Cannon whose party and government have sued Elections Canada, played fast and loose with campaign finance law, used Conservative branded stimulus cheques to try and buy regional voting, misused ten-percenters as permanent campaign materials and still climb into bed with greasy scum like Chuck McVety to grope in the superstitious dark for their policy. One theocratic, authoritarian government pooh-poohing another, how very special.

Not that Conservative reality detachment should come as a shock to anyone but this is especially rich from the party that called off parliament to hide from their own malfeasance.

Cannon noted that during the most recent Afghan election the complaints commission, led by Canadian Grant Kippen, played a crucial role in efforts to have a credible election.

The minister says the significant problems encountered during the 2009 presidential election must be addressed quickly to ensure a fair parliamentary ballot later this year.

Jeepers Larry, maybe we should hire someone like Grant Kippen to keep his eye on the shenanigans that our government politicians get up to. In'n'Out indeed, just another way to fuck the country.

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