Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogging Tories Short Takes, February 28, 2010.

Shorter "Hunter": "I'm going to defend Helena Guergis since we deranged, shrieking, psychologically-unbalanced Conservative women have to stick together."

Shorter Fred "Gay and Right" Litwin: "Speaking on behalf of my Blogging Tory colleagues, none of whom are capable of intellectual multitasking, I think it's a terrific idea that Harper prorogued Parliament during the Olympics. I mean, that whole walking and chewing gum at the same time? Lot tougher than it looks."

Shorter Jabba the Roy: "Don't you just hate un-democratic, dictatorial, fascist governments? I do."

Shorter "BC Blue": "Fuck free speech. It just gives people a chance to say things I don't agree with. Why would I support that?"

Shorter "Back Off Government": "If you allow me to make a number of comparisons that are either hilariously irrelevant or weirdly imaginary, I believe I have a point here."


sooey said...

Shorter CC: "Blogging Tories are blogging tories".

CC said...

Your point being ... ?

PeBo said...

Just wait until the Parliamentary session re-opens, and we have to deal with our piano playin' and singin' Der Fuehrer bask in Olympic Glory that he'll somehow try to claim as a Tory victory. (Remember, when it happens, you read it here first)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a nerve-wracking hockey game in a couple hours, and I have to clean up before the drugs take effect.

Lindsay Stewart said...

PeBo relax. The NHL wins. You're welcome.

Ti-Guy said...

With the exception of the Israeli Apartheid Week story, it's truly startling how small these people's lives are, to the extent that they have to go searching high and low to find things to be OUTRAGED! about.

We desperately need a new Cold War. It's clear that only a genuine and immediate existential threat can give these twits a sense of what is really important. At that point they'll expect the rest of us (smart liberals/progressives) to save them, like we did the last time and will shut the fuck up.

The Seer said...

And since I'm on a sort of a roll here, if this had happened in Briton, how many of you believe staff of, say, British Midlands, would have gotten bent out of shape by a Minister of the Crown having a bad day? British working class types have a sense of place that seems to be missing in Canada. Who really believes a Minister of the Crown is going to blow herself up in an airplane on her birthday? And if you don't believe that, how do you justify treating a minister like a serving maid? No. In Britain, it would be staff looking for a sacking. Why must Canada be different. (Couldn't have said it better if I was Hunter.)

Lindsay Stewart said...

briton? seer ol' buddy, go pick up a tabloid from briton and you'll see that there are few folks on earth more enamored of scandal than my forebears. they'd have a lovely time coining names for a petulant and privileged charmer like helena. i'm presuming you're being sarcastic but the quality of your snark has been dismal of late. taken a sharp knock the head, have you?