Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, there WAS that other time, Steve.

In which premature ejankulator Steve Janke sets the standard to which we mere mortals can only aspire:

You write enough stuff, eventually you are going to drop the ball in a big way. With almost 3000 postings, it amazes me that it hasn't happened before this.

I dunno, Steve ... this strikes me as a fairly colossal fuck-up on your part. But, hey, that's just me.

: I'm sure you can appreciate the dumbassitude in the following exchange from the comments section of Robert's post above. Robert first posts a retraction of a previous claim:

Janke’s accusation is based on the lie that Deborah Frischer [sic] threatened Jeff Goldstein’s child. She did not in fact, utter any threat.

At which point commenter "Anon" wonders why Robert is suddenly changing his story:

If she never threatened anyone, why did you yourself [originally] call her comments towards the tyke “death threats”?

To which Robert reasonably replies:

Goldstein’s site was down when I wrote the comment and I’d only read a partial accounting of what Deborah had said. I erroneously gave her accusers the benefit of the doubt at the time. When Jeff’s site came back up I was able to read all her comments and determine no actual threat was made.

At which point "Anon" descends into utter wankery gibberish:

See, now, there’s a problem with that on 2 seperate levels;

1. You just admitted that you comment on issues without having all the facts.

Did you catch the dumbassitude there? See, unable to verify the claim of "death threats" firsthand, Robert, obviously for the sake of argument, accepts the claim. And when it turns out that he was being overly generous and he retracts that generosity based on the evidence, he is now accused of posting irresponsibly without having done the necessary research.

In short, Robert gives the residents of Dumbassville the benefit of the doubt, at which point he is criticized for having gullibly swallowed their lies. In other words, you don't criticize the Retard-o-sphere for lying, you criticize the poor saps for falling for those lies.

Is this a great scam or what?

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