Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Sure I can count. One, two ... lots."

Damian Penny claws his way through all the real news to bring us this:

While Cathy Seipp was on her deathbed, a persistent, mentally unstable cyberstalker took the opportunity to take cheap shots at Seipp and her teenaged daughter: ...

At which point, one of Damian's adoring groupies draws the obvious and logically irrefutable conclusion:

Comment by 'been around the block:

The thing I most notice about entitled lib/lefties is how infantile they are, with no concept of boundaries or sense of decency (what's that, they say? 'Never heard of it.). Anything goes if someone wounds their fragile and teetering-on-the-edge ego.

Tune in tomorrow when "been round the block" proves that all lib/lefties are fat because, well, there's that Michael Moore guy, right?

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Ti-Guy said...

Someone should tell "block" that he's why lib/lefties are not very nice to righties like himself.

I'd heard of Cathy Seipp about a year or so ago (I think it was a reference at Alicublog); I didn't know she was from Manitoba. She was a Bushie, but I don't remember her being particularly nasty. Ah, well. RIP.