Friday, March 30, 2007

Stephen Harper channels his inner petulant, infantile dumbass.

Every time you think PM Stephen Harper couldn't possibly be more of a worthless, partisan asshole, well, he continues to amaze:

[Senator Independent NORMAN ATKINS]: My father was a veteran of Vimy Ridge. He fought for the 46th Queens Battery.

[Reporter HANNAH BOUDREAU]: While Sergeant George Atkins was overseas, he kept a diary detailing his experiences and in typical soldier fashion, the entry for April ninth simply reads put over a barrage this morning, 5:00. The Canadians took Vimy Ridge a flying, took a lot of prisoners, etc. Ninety years later, there are no Vimy veterans alive to celebrate the anniversary, but Senator Atkins feels that with such a direct connection to that day, he would surely be included in Canada's official delegation attending the ceremonies in Vimy.

ATKINS: I am very surprised that I wasn't invited to go with the Minister of Veteran's Affairs. Any list that he could put together, I should have been one that would be considered.

BOUDREAU: But Senator Atkins wasn't the only one left out. None of the opposition leaders were invited, either.

But Harper's just getting even, right? After all, the Liberals ...

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, former Prime Minister Paul Martin included all three opposition leaders on his trip to the Netherlands.

Cue the Blogging Tories, being similarly childish and making fun of all those whiny leftists again.

You know it's coming. It's what they do.

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Anonymous said... is reporting that Harper has invited the party whips to compile guest lists.

The wanker. He tried to sneak this under Canadians' radar and the Easter break. The wanker.

His handlers got a hold of his ego and wouldn't let it go. A Harper flip-flop that works for Canadians. Go figure.