Thursday, March 15, 2007

I guess compassionate conservatism has its limits.

Apparently, not all Canadian citizens are created equal. Some of them are the wrong colour.


Anonymous said...

My post to "BB" in case it gets deleted:

"So, you believe every self-interested claim about Iranian mendacity from the bush II regime, but when a family flees that "fundamentalist hell-hole" then you get skeptical?

Even to the extent of being indifferent to a young child being indefinitely incarcerated in terrible conditions?

People like you would have been good to hide from in the days of the Underground Railroad. You would have been one of the "bad guys" then.

Just saying."

Ti-Guy said...

Does BB delete comments also? Is there one single Blogging Tory who doesn't do that?

They really are Orwellian.

Anonymous said...

Well, tiguy and thwap, it is my blog and my rules :)

That being said I have spam karma turned up to max otherwise the blog would be inundated with spambot posts.

So some comments get caught in the filter and I then manually approve so sometimes it takes awhile for a comment to appear.

Yours is there, thwap, in all its glorious inanity

catnip said...

Are you just itching to be my wanker of the day for the second day in a row, backseat blogger? You don't even know the facts of the situation. The father claims he was tortured in Iran after Canada sent him back there.

And you've predictably moved from xenophobia about Americans yesterday to outright bigotry against this family today. How much lower can you go?

CC and Sourpuss were all upset that the Americans had the temerity to ‘incarcerate’ a Canadian in a ‘prison like’ atmosphere. Boo hoo hoo. My heart bleeds for the family. NOT.

IOW, fuck human rights. If it was you though or one of your family members or friends, it would be quite a different story, wouldn't it?

The fact that you have absolutely no compassion for a 9 yr old child shows you to be yet another example of what is so bloody wrong with this world today.

Anonymous said...

In all its glorious inanity? Great.

I'll check it out.

I did say in case it gets deleted.