Saturday, March 17, 2007

Garth and Stephane's Excellent Adventure.

In which both Zorpheous and Jennifer cover the recent Halton EcoSummit, but Zorph gets called upon and is exposed for not having done his homework in front of the whole class.

Dontcha just hate it when that happens?


Zorpheous said...

A RedRun Away Honda ate my homework,.... HONEST!!!!

Jennifer Smith said...

Turner actually emailed me to let me know that Mr. Repocreepo had publicly accused me of being a Liberal Party plant.

He's obviously mistaken me for some fawning sycophantic BLOGGING TORY. Observe as I skewer him with my rapier wit.

At least the "Garth Sucks" wankers have decided to get they own damn blog instead of endlessly spamming Turner's with their asshattery.

Jennifer Smith said...

And now they're accusing me of only pretending to criticize and make fun of Turner. Yes, apparently it's all a ruse.

I must admit, this whole 'Tory Baiting' game is great fun!

Zorpheous said...

Harper-Bot, Tory bating is like shooting fish in a damp sponge ;-)