Monday, March 26, 2007

The CC reader challenge: Spot the logical absurdity.

Part the first:

The previous Liberal government had 13 years to take action on the environment but didn’t get the job done.

-- Conservative Party of Canada

Part the second:

So, the solution put on this site a little while ago by Tina is one I would support as well - namely, they don't take sides at all and admit they don't know and so are holding unbiased, public hearings in which scientists from both sides are invited to testify. The resulting chaos, with claims all over the map, will do enough to thoroughly confuse everyone (which is appropriate, actually, since the science is so immature and, frankly, confusing) and take the wind out of the sails of the "we are causing a climate disaster and must stop it" camp entirely, and the CPC can quietly turn to important issues without really having had to say much at all.

-- Tom Harris, Executive Director, Natural Resources Stewardship Project (and right-wing flack and corporate whore)

Take your time -- it'll come to you.


mikmik said...

Hmm, seems that if climate is a non issue with these hypocritical chaps, they can hardly complain about the Liberals non action.
In essense, and fact, they are bitching about non-action on an issue that doesn't even exist. Sort of like giving your kids shit for not taking the dog for a walk when you don't even own a dog.
In other words, insane behaviour.... par for the (wingnut) course.

Jose said...

I like the whole "we're against any action on the issue" stance while simultaneously blaming the other guy for inaction. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

The CPC will eventually change their tune but they'll do so in a way where they claim to have been right all along. Check out the White House's recent statement that they've never denied Global Warming for instance. Expect the same sort of malarkey here too.

Ti-Guy said...

Boy, is Tom Harris ever a little Orwellian crap-sack. He's not promoting good science; he's promoting the manipulation of public perception.

Who pays him again?

Alison said...

Ti-Guy :

He doesn't like to say.
However :

"According to Harris, the idea behind the project came from Timothy Egan, President of the High Park Group, a Toronto-based lobby organization. Harris is the former head of its Ottawa office. The federal Lobbyists Registration System indicates that High Park's clients include the Canadian Electricity Association and the Canadian Gas Association.

Harris argues that there's nothing wrong with industry funding. "For the most part, it doesn't support research," he adds, "paying only for communications instead."

For which they are certainly getting their money's worth.