Friday, March 30, 2007

Canada's most famous exports: Cold air masses and wingnuttery.

It just purely makes you proud when the American blogosphere occasionally notices us Canadians. Here, Firedoglake's TRex does Canada's Rachel Marsden, and not in a good way.

And I could have sworn I ran across a new hit piece on David Frum earlier today, but I managed to misplace it. Damn. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?


Anonymous said...

And today, TRex, one of those nasty, viscious, ugly left-wing bloggers, takes on Ann Althouse, at the same

I hope, for TRex's sake, these remarks are true, cuz Ann, bring a law professor and all, is sure to sue if they are not.

And I'm glad the likes of us can hold our likker.

Ti-Guy said...

World o' Crap is an American blog who dealt with la Marsden ages ago. It's how first I first heard of Rachel Marsden. Was it only a few short years ago that it would have been unheard of to parade an immoral psychotic liar like Marsden in our national media?

Re: Althouse. I always suspecgted she was cross-addicted...booze and anti-anxiety medication (like Jeff Goldstein). Anyway, she's a total fraud.

Anonymous said...

David Frum snarkfest can be found at Sadly, No! which is, unfortunately, sadly slow (server problems).