Thursday, March 22, 2007

... and I don't use the word "pathological" lightly.

On occasion, I've referred to the residents of Wankerville not just as "liars," but as "pathological" liars; that is, they seem positively incapable of telling the truth (see: Blogging Tories).

Exhibit 57,236: Bugman Tom DeLay on Chris Matthews:

Anyone catch the Bugman on Hardball pimping his new book? He's gone round the twist:

MATTHEWS: You say [Dick Army] was "drunk with ambition."

DELAY: Actually that's not what I said. What I said was "blinded by ambition. "Drunk with ambition" is a quote of a cliche.

MATTHEWS: Why would I underline it in the book?

DeLay babbles for a while as Matthews looks up the quote:

MATTHEWS: "He resented me for being the other Texan on the leadership team and he resented me for being in the way of his becoming Speaker of the House. Beware the man drunk with ambition."

DELAY: Uh, read the sentence before that.

MATTHEWS: That's what I just did.

DELAY: It says "blinded by ambition."

MATTHEWS: No, I'll read the sentence again: "He resented me…" It's right here in your book. You gotta read it. (Matthews hands him the book). I'm sorry Tom but it's there. It says "drunk with ambition."

DELAY: That is the cliche…but right up here, I don't have my glasses on, right up here it says "blinded by ambition."

So tell me -- how dishonest do you have to be to adamantly deny something that you wrote when the book that contains it is being held up in front of you where you can read it for yourself?

There's a reason they call us on the Left the "reality-based" community, you know.

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calugg said...

Loved the Mathews clip on DeLay. It's classic. It gets to the center of DeLay's lying heart. Talk about pathological liar.....

Ti-Guy said...

Anyone who's worked with criminals (I haven't, but my sister's a cop, my uncle's a lawyer and I know quite a few social workers) will easily recognise the kind of personality that motivates that kind of lying.

Anonymous said...

CC, what's wrong with you?

The Bug Man didn't write the book! Some ghostwriter wrote the book!

And there you are, scoring cheap points about a book that, for all we know, The Bug Man hasn't even read.

Ti-Guy said...

I refuse to even entertain that prospect until a ghostwriter is deposed.

Anonymous said...


And I thought you had such a good response to my comment yesterday about elected cabinet members repeating Sandra’s talking points!

I cannot prove my ghostwriter claim beyond a reasonable doubt, but see: