Thursday, August 03, 2006

You just can't sneak anything by THESE folks.

Over at Five Points Pub, "montysano" finds the wingnut-o-sphere getting all Gus Grissom over photos of the carnage at Qana, where dozens of civilians were killed by an Israeli air strike, including some 34 children. And how does the wingnut-o-sphere respond?

Not sure if this has been flagged yet, but is it me, or does that pacifier connected to childs shirt by a plastic chain look too clean?


Ah, yes, one can just imagine the freepers, poring over the pics, "OK, zoom in a bit, magnify ... yeah, top quadrant ... hey, can you filter out the mangled bodies, they're just messing up the colour balance ... great, and ... whoa! check this out! Get a load of that pacifier chain on that corpse! Doesn't that look awfully clean to you? Jackpot!"

Then they all celebrated with Cheet-O's and Dr. Pepper.


thwap said...

Yeah, I've tried to read those "exposes" of the "Qana deception," but they're all peppered with such ugly comments, ... and STUPID comments, pointing out discrepancies that may or may not even exist.

Then I tell myself that these idiots still believe the WMDs are somewhere, moved to Syria, Iran, Mars, and I tell myself that I'm wasting my time even reading their bullshit.

Mike said...

Yet they all claim that any evidence that those two soldiers were captured Lebanon rather than Isreal is the stuff of consipracy and hysteria.

The mind boggles...

GoodGrief said...

That is just too sick for words. What kind of sociopaths are these people who sit around, poring over pictures of dead babies and children, so they can prove their own theories, particularly after Israel has apologized for the debacle.
Personally, when I first saw the photos, I thought of my own two, and how I would feel, and I cried about the criminal injustice that old men's wars kill the young and innocent. It happens no matter which side one is on, and should be condemned, no matter which side one is on.
These people are no better than the worst sex offenders - power is all they are interested in and it doesn't matter who gets hurt. Bah, Humbug!