Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Words mean what I decide they mean."

Submitted without comment.

OK, I LIED. It's amusing to watch Mehlman re-invent history since, if you Google on the combination of "Iraq" and "stay the course," you get over a million hits. Naturally, many of those won't be directly applicable here, but it shows how prevalent that expression has been.

Now Mehlman is tossing out the new right-wing mantra, "Win by adapting." And just how long has that expression been around? I thought as much.


Mike said...

Jeus, these guys are even trying to cover up the lies anymore are they?

Scotian said...

What else to expect from a party that governs and runs in elections by sloganeering? Since the "stay the course"(tm) brand has lost so much support within the general public they had to come up with another for the midterms and here it is, "win by adapting"(tm). That's the modern GOP for you, what we said yesterday doesn't matter, only what we say today does, while anything our opposition said at any time is fair game. Of course like any slogan it sounds good but doesn't really mean anything specific. Classic GOP approach to politics.

Alison said...

I think Charles Darwin mentioned 'winning by adapting' a couple of times but unfortunately Google wasn't up and running properly at the time.