Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unbounded hypocrisy, thy name is Shaidle.

Following a link from this piece by Robert McClelland, we have unhinged Catholic Kathy Shaidle howling on about tax dollars:

If it turns out that this movie was filmed here, and received any of my tax dollars to do so...

Damn right, Kathy. And the day you take a principled stand against the Catholic Church picking my pockets, that's the day I'll give a fuck what you think. Does that work for you?


Miss Cellania said...

I read your earlier post linked in this. I'm surprised that the Canadian government funds Catholic schools! Is there no doctrine of freedom of religion in Canada, or separation of church and state? Are other religious schools also subsidized? What if the Church of Satan wanted government funding?

And evn without that, tax-exempt entities are somewhat subsidized because they use utility lines, roads, police protection, etc that are funded by taxpayers.

Adam said...


(what follows is open to correction)

It's a constitutional relic from the nineteenth century, when the English were all Protestant and the French were all Catholic. As part of the bargaining involved in confederation, both groups were guaranteed access to publicly funded education.

In Ontario, the Protestant branch eventually became the secular public branch, but the Catholic branch persists. I'm not a fan of it myself, but getting rid of it wouldn't be as simple as it sounds either; there is a lot of infrastructure and a lot of students, teachers, etc. who would be affected. And it would require constitutional amendment, although other provinces have managed this.

And no, we don't have an official doctrine separating church and state (although we do have rights to freedom of religion) - for most of us it's just common sense.

Miss Cellania said...

OK, I have heard of this, referred to as "French" schools and "English" schools for the language. Thanks for the education.

Common sense, huh? We could use some of that down here in the States.

Kathy said...

So cynic, nothing is stopping you from starting a protest against the funding of Catholic schools, the same way we protest things WE don't like. Or are you too lazy?

Personally I think it was a big mistake for separate schools to campaign and accept funding. If you think so too, do something about it besides just making snide comments. No one is stopping you.

And, like "prude", "racist" and "fundamentalis", "Hypocrisy" is such a tiresome liberal insult. Can't you at least a) learn what it really means and b) come up with something more original?

Hypocrite has now come to mean "a conservative who recommends moral standards that I'm too weak to live up to myself, being a liberal and all."

Hardly a position to boast about...

And by the way, Miss Cellania, the expression "separation of church and state" is an expression from a private letter Thomas Jefferson sent to a Baptist church group. It appears nowhere in the US Constitution, let alone the Canadian Charter (the first sentence of which mentions God). As an American you should know that.