Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Set hypocrisy deflector shield to maximum, Mr. Sulu!"

Oh, man ... I can't wait to see how this plays out:

Lieberman North?

Garth Turner to run as an independent if he loses the Halton nomination to the "Righteous Right"?

So, to recap (and according to the Canadian wingnut-o-sphere), when Belinda Stronach leaves the CPC and crosses the floor, she's a trashy, politically opportunistic whore while, on the other hand, when David Emerson bolts to the CPC the day after winning his seat, he's nobly answering the call to public service.

Similarly, while that same wingnut-o-sphere has no problem with Joe Lieberman losing his Connecticut Democratic primary and then choosing to run as an independent, if Garth Turner does the same thing ... well, fill in the blanks.

Like I said, I can't wait for the historical revisionism to hit the fan on this one.


Grog said...

Oddly, although I dislike a lot of what Garth Turner says, I have to admire his willingness to stand in the face of the howling lunatic fringe.

(I suppose the other way to look at it is that I dislike Garth Turner - but I dislike him less than his most vocal critics)

Niles said...

Independents have a different place in politics up here too.

I somehow doubt Mr. T. going independent will result in cries of how liberty and democracy have been threatened while showing a chalk outline around his stabbed in the back betrayed body.

If he wins his riding as a solo act, more power to him. If he crosses the floor, I just want to listen to the post-Emerson whingeing about how THEY, the Cons, were stabbed in the back.

Cynically, even with Emerson playing poster boy for 'glass houses', I do expect there to be an avalanche of such whining, without a trace of ironic awareness.