Monday, August 21, 2006

Only if you have a strong stomach.

[More dueling snark below.]

I defy you to get through this piece of neo-con swill without hurling.

. It's not like you need to invest any time disemboweling the utter rubbish in the article above but, what the fuck, let's pick on a single claim and tear it a new orifice, shall we? How about this one:

Moreover, President Bush’s five-year $15 billion commitment under the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief is the largest commitment by a single nation toward an international health initiative - ever - working in over 100 (mostly African) countries.

And then there's the reality.

Honestly, every time you think you've met the absolutely dumbest right-wing wank imaginable, it turns out you have to re-calibrate your wank-o-meter. It never fails, does it?

OH NO ... AH BEEN DISSED. Awwwwww ... isn't that adorable? Over at his blog, Xavier's first comment is ... Xavier, commenting on my comment on his original commentary.

Tell you what, X -- if you can put that devilishly-clever snark back in its holster for just a minute, what say you address the issue I raised about how the U.S.'s vaunted $15 billion commitment to African AIDS is a pile of crap? Or does that run perilously close to doing actual research on your part?

We wouldn't want you to strain yourself intellectually.

BY THE WAY, XAVIER, I love your idea of the U.S. going all isolationist on everyone to teach them a lesson. So how exactly would you suggest they address this issue?

The United States imports 58 percent of the oil it consumes. Federal officials project that by 2025, the country will have to import 68 percent of its oil to meet demand. At best, analysts say, the energy legislation would slightly slow that rate of growth of dependence.

Yeah, X -- the U.S. is a net importer of oil, and in a major way. How do you figure they're suddenly going to make up for a 58 percent shortfall in oil?

Or had you not thought that far ahead?


Mike said...

Man, you can just hear the jackboots clacking can't you? The Hosrt Wessel song floating in the air as he typed.

Gawd that was sickening.

Shannon said...

I couldn't make it all the way through. I scanned down to read the commentary on the piece and couldn't make it all the way through that, either.

The whole thing is completely barfmaking.

Dave said...

Well... that was a challenge. Excuse me while I run myself through a drycleaning compound to get the crud off.

Simon said...

I made it to the phrase "cop on the beat", and when I noticed that it wasn't instead written as "dirty cop on the take" I stopped reading.

Canucklehead said...

Ever have one of those moments where you just want to projectile vomit from every orifice on your body?

Ti-Guy said...

I've seen Xavier's blogue before. You can practically smell the datelessness through the computer screen.

...oh, I didn't read any of it, by the way. I just had a very expensive lunch, which I plan to keep for at least a few more hours.

North of 49 said...

Well, I read it all, including the blogger's (blogeur's?) commentary.

M. Dube says that if he were president of the USA, he'd go isolationist until the rest of the world begged them to re-engage. Ten years at least.

Ohhh, that's such a horrible idea, Br'er Fox! Please, please no! Don't go hiding yourself behind that briar patch, please please please!

Xavier R. Dubé said...


I responded to your article in a comment on my blog. Please feel free to click here and read up:

Ti-Guy said...

He commented on his own post and left a link to it here.

Oh dear...*snick*

Xavier R. Dubé said...

Yes. That, my friend ti-guy, is called a "homemade" TrackBack.

Only, Blogger does not allow them if you do not maintain a Blogger blog.

Hence, what I did.

Ti-Guy said...

Actually it was the comment to your own post as a response to this post that I found odd.

...what do I care anyway? I didn't even read the thing. When I see a post entitled "Xavier has a hot date," I'll be the first to rush over and take a look.

eastern front said...

Sometimes words fail me. All I could think of was a bumper sticker.
Horn not working, watch for finger.

Red Tory said...

Hat Tip to you: excellent catch. Thanks!

Jim C said...

Sometimes a bang on the head can right the wrongs of the first bang on the head. Somebody,anybody, Hit him !

Scott in Montreal said...

I read the whole thing; luckily I recently watched the Goebbels Experiment, so I was prepared. But neither is for the squeamish to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Just curious to your reference to the five-year $15 billion commitment by President Bush and then the reality. This acually sounds like one of our past PM's when it comes to promises...Bet you won't get that one!!!

Truthfully, I really don't give a flying ... about what one blogger in the US says, but it is quite obvious from this and other blogs that there are some that do.

My humble words of advice...time to get a life!!!!

Penny said...

M. Dube says that if he were president of the USA, he'd go isolationist until the rest of the world begged them to re-engage. Ten years at least.

If he really did say that (I couldn't get through the post, either), he would have to ignore the US Constitutional limitation of 2 terms....

Imagine even 8 years without the US interfering in everyone else's business, propping up and tearing down governments at will, sneering at WTO rulings regarding softwood lumber... and much much more!

If only!!

Famousringo said...

Yes, Anonymous, the old bait-and-switch is a common staple of budgets within Canada and abroad.

Even when they're being good, governments will announce the money and let it sit around for a while before spending it. You can get some very nice interest on a ten-figure deposit.

Leave it sitting around long enough and you can double your political points by announcing it twice.

Some governments or others might have a greater propensity for this kind of manipulation, but I'm not sure if any government in recent memory can declare innocence to charges of budgetary shennanigans.

M@ said...

It's not that anyone's claiming innocence for any government, famousringo. The point is that it's ludicrous for anyone to champion the Bush government as major proponents in the fight against AIDS, when that is demonstrably not the case.