Monday, August 28, 2006

Northern California, Day 3.

So the hotel room has a flat screen, plasma TV and HBO, there's a hot tub next to the swimming pool, you can buy fresh organic figs at the roadside, and the rental car has a sunroof.

Yee ha. Don't wait up.


Ferdzy said...

Don't eat those figs all at once, or YOU'll "wait up".

Yes, this *is* the voice of experience speaking.

Queen Bombo said...

And there you are, on the internet.

gentlesoul said...

was just in no cal with friends... a fantastic place to realize people deserve respect and a little kindness goes a long way.

try surfing as it induces humility and you could certailny use some "chillin" perspective on life.

we can only hope you will return less mean spirited.

thwap said...

jeeziz keerice, i sure hope not!!!