Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let's all pitch in -- Steve Janke needs our help.

There comes a time when we must set aside our ideological differences and help the less fortunate and less intellectually-endowed:

I have never banned anyone from Angry in the Great White North. I take pride in that. I have had comments that were dead right, dead wrong, and some that were so long that I couldn't be bothered to read them to find out one way or the other. Some people are unfailingly polite, and some amusingly coarse, and some just plain nasty.

But until this comment by Deb Frisch, I have never had one that was calculatingly deceptive and designed to cause hurt to someone else.

So do I ban her IP address? I'm not sure. Post your vote. Know that this blog isn't a democracy, and that I'll take the final decision myself.

There are a couple responses to this. One is from Steve's own Blogging Tory colleague, Stephen Taylor:

Lately we've been hearing a lot about the disgraceful and questionable acts of a very small (and extreme) minority that unfortunately end up tarnishing the good standing of a community at large.

To attribute the actions of a handful of radicals to the behaviour of an entire group of people is, by definition, prejudice, stereotyping, and unbecoming of the liberal society in which we find ourselves...

... I encourage all members of the community (and the broader society) to applaud individuals when they make well-reasoned arguments and to criticize them when they don't. We must marginalize extreme opinion where we can, but we must also engage it as fellow conservatives (and Canadians) that disagree.

Let me respond more succinctly. Dear Mr. Janke: Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, shut the hell up and quit your childish whining. Either ban her, or don't ban her, but make a decision and move on, and stop being such a pathetic, whiny-ass titty baby who's simply trying to milk this issue down to the last drop. In short, grow the fuck up.

Now, where was I? Oh, right, bladder control undergarments ...

DEAR GOD, THE WANKERY CONTINUES as someone has clearly slipped half a kilo of pure Colombian estrogen into the punch bowl and Steve Janke HQ has morphed into a thoroughly gorge-rising episode of "The View": "Don't worry, Steve, it's all right, we're here for you if you need to cry. I love you, man. Group hug, everybody."

Then they all went out for coolers and Zimas.


catnip said...

Post your vote. Know that this blog isn't a democracy, and that I'll take the final decision myself.

Ummm...WTF??? What's the point of having a vote then??

the rev. said...

While I think its clear that Steve Janke needs help, I'm not sure that he needs "our" help - unless one of us is a very good psychiatirist.

Ti-Guy said...

It's become a train wreck. I can't look anymore.