Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Hey, when I said 'accountability,' I didn't mean for ME."

Shorter Strong Conservative: "It's critically important to be able to assign blame for all terrorist-inflicted deaths, except for, of course, those that have already happened."


Ti-Guy said...

You know, you're not getting a lot of comments lately because no one (meaning ME) is going to click on the wingnut links. Nope...not gonna do it. It's fucking nauseating.

You have my undying respect for being brave enough to read them yourself, however.

Grog said...

Sadly, it would seem that Mr. Strong has decided that he's perfectly happy to give up his privacy so the governments can catch "those evil brown bastards" that he's so scared of.

I presume he'll be first in line when the government starts installing cameras in peoples' bedrooms to make sure that moral turpitude isn't enabling the terrorists. (God knows what we might do with a bottle of shampoo!)

the rev. said...

ti-guy is right. I have to hand it to guys like you and Tbogg that can wade through the fetid hate-filled horseshit on the wingnut blogs and bring back the choicest bits of ranting idiocy. You clearly have a stronger stomach than most of us. If I read the crap at blogging tories daily, I'd never stop puking.

CathiefromCanada said...

CC reads them so we don't have to. Thanks for service above and beyond...

Anonymous said...

One has to read them, just to be informed. It's like dangerous recon out there; damn the spam.
Every time I visit one of those wingnut blogs I get a "grow your peepee" ad mail.
What is it with wingnuts? Are they all sure that anyone who dissents are in need of pp growth?
What is it with Cons and their fixation with pp's?
They are accepting money to allow advertisers of PPGrowth and such ilk to suck off the notoriety of their blog.
To me, it looks like the blogs that have to exist by bolstering pp-growing ads really don't have a leg to stand on.
CC, you are brave! And you must have a firewall beyond compare if you can foray into such territory and come out unscathed and unencumbered by ppgrow or explicit spam.

thwap said...

I used to go to an American "conservative" site. [Nowadays, "conservatism" appears to mean a belligerent foreign policy and a 'Big-Brother' type of security state, plus deregulation of the economy, free trade, and low taxes on wealth equalling huge deficits.]

After Iraq, their credibility is 200 miles underground, but it's still interesting to get the latest spin. At SDA, there was some posted article trying to spin the IDF's utter failure in Lebanon as a loss for the Muslims, because the apparent strength of the Shiites has made the Sunnis fearful. Truly remarkable sophistry.

Simon said...

Glenn Greenwald had a very informative post (I think yesterday), that smacks around every single talking point that Strong Conservative dribbled out of the corners of his mouth in that rant.