Friday, August 25, 2006

"He did an excellent job."

There's a terrific scene in the movie "Twelve Angry Men" where Henry Fonda, in order to demonstrate that someone yelling "I'm gonna kill you!" may not really mean it, goads the character played by Lee J. Cobb until Cobb explodes in anger and has to be restrained by two of the other jurors, all the while yelling "I'm gonna kill him!", until he finally realizes that he's just proved Fonda's point.

Later, at the water cooler, Cobb tries to shrug it off, telling the juror played by E. G. Marshall, "Ah, that didn't mean nothing. He was just trying to bait me, that's all." To which Marshall, in a delicious deadpan, replies, "He did an excellent job."

Which, naturally, brings us to The 101st Chairborne, who never seem to tire of wetting themselves in fear over each and every mention of dark-skinned people with funny names doing anything untoward. And given that the entire purpose of terrorism is to terrify, one can safely say of the terrorists, they're doing an excellent job, aren't they?

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