Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Angry, Angry ... uh, wait a minute.

After you process this, I'm sure you'll agree that the Blogging Tories desperately need to produce another spate of articles on the shrieking, lunatic, moonbat Left. After all, that's what being "fair and balanced" is all about.


Ti-Guy said...

From the Cowboys for Social Responsibility link:

Sounds like some of the stuff "Black Wolf" writes . . . there are nutbars everywhere . . . some of them even have guns . . .
Kind of reminds me of some of the AIDS activists when Mulroney attended the aids conference. Guess you can understand why Chretien and Harper didn't attend....EX-NDIP

Who is this psychotic troll? You see him everywhere.

CfSR said...

Thanks for the link.

I was kind of hoping for new trolls.

I guess today is wash the underwear day.

Ti-Guy said...

I've got to say Cowboys for Social Responsibillity is my favourite blog name.