Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A simple question for Stephen Harper.

These days, Stephen Harper seems to be parsing his words extremely carefully, assuring us that, no, he wouldn't invoke the notwithstanding clause to overturn same-sex marriage, and he wouldn't "oppose" it; no, he would just allow a free vote to decide the issue or some such nonsense.

To all of that, I dearly wish someone would ask Harper the following question: "If you had the power, or it came down to you and you had the single, deciding vote, would you choose to overturn Bill C-38?"

It's a simple and unambiguous question, and sidesteps all of the procedural nonsense regarding clauses and free votes and the like. It asks simply, "If you had the power, what would you do?" And a simple question demands a simple answer, no?

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Steven Harper has a serious problem anwsering simple questions. Like Are you Proud to be Canadian, Will you swear on the bible you will keep your promises (ok that one was in French)
Yep Harper does not get KISS