Saturday, February 03, 2018

Justice is blind ... and sometimes just plain clueless as well.

Waiting for the decision of our leave to appeal the "fresh evidence" ruling in my anti-SLAPP slappfest with one Ezra Levant, wherein Her Honner found that, despite clear references to a $95,000 lawsuit launched against "a guy in Ottawa" for dissing Rebel Media's "crowdfunding", well, you should read it for yourself:

Yeah, if only there had been something direct and concrete tying Ezra's utterances on that audiotape to me specifically ... you know, like maybe his lawyer openly admitting it in court, and me having a transcript of that admission, oh, wait ...

If you have trouble connecting the dots from A to B when someone literally does it for you in open court, maybe being a judge just isn't for you.

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