Friday, February 16, 2018

... and suddenly, the whole bogus "Hijab Hoax" movement makes sense.

For a while, I wondered what the driving force was behind the recent, ludicrous "Hijab Hoax" movement; particularly, the relentless insistence that it was being pushed by "the Asian community" or "Chinese Canadians" or some similar demographically-inspired descriptor.

There's little doubt who's behind it when you follow the URL to find:

Pretty much every reference to the "Hijab Hoax" movement and its associated public rallies insists that it's a product, not of a small group of malcontents, but the Asian/Chinese community at large, as demonstrated by the ad for the upcoming Ottawa rally here:

Why, I mused, would the mouth-breathers at Rebel Media be pandering so shamelessly to the Asian-Canadian community, a demographic they have never given a crap about before?

And then the other shoe dropped:

And there it is ... the utterly bogus "Hijab Hoax" movement is nothing more than a shameless attempt to instill outrage at Justin Trudeau in Chinese-Canadians. And given that ex-Rebel Media hack Hamish Marshall is now running the CPC, should anyone be surprised that Rebel Media is so suddenly concerned about the opinions of Chinese-Canadians, and doing whatever it can to stoke the fires against the federal Liberals, given the value of their collective votes in 2019?

And, yes, you read it here first.

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