Monday, June 15, 2009

On outing.

I was going to pretty much ignore this morning's excitement except I've received a couple of disturbing e-mails and, sad to say, they're from folks that are supposed to be on my side.

The suggestion was that it's time to get even by outing a few folks from their side, and one e-mailer was all fired up to go after one of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories, one "Neo Conservative," who is currently cackling over this morning's developments and linking to everything CC-related he can link to.

No. Don't do that. I'm freaking serious. That is not the solution to this.

I've mocked Neo for many months now, and I've been able to do that without knowing the first thing about him other than what I read on his blog. And that's all I needed. I don't know who he is, and I have no interest so don't start sending me anything.

Regardless of what kind of despicable racist I think Neo is, he clearly chose to blog anonymously. That's his decision, and it's neither your business nor mine to try to change that. Quite simply, it would be an amazingly childish and stupid thing to do and, really, I figured my regular readers were smarter than that so I'm just going to chalk it up to emotions and move on.

Leave it alone. And that goes not just for Neo, but for anyone else who wants their anonymity. If the information is out there and meant for public consumption, then fine, go wild, have fun. But if someone doesn't feel like posting their name or anything else about themselves, let it go. I appreciate the sudden and fervent support, but if you're going to do something idiotic like trying to get even in the same manner, then you won't be doing it in my name.

Do we understand one another?

APPARENTLY, WE NEED A LITTLE MORE CLARIFICATION: Someone drew my attention to what they thought was moderately amusing -- someone has apparently registered the blogger handle "Neo Conservative" and has been using it to leave tactless and graceless comments in places.

You can knock off that nonsense, too. It's not funny, it's dishonest.

OH, AND WHILE I'M HERE, let's hop into the wayback machine to make sure we all understand my take on one Dick Evans and his kids, just so there's no confusion:

For the record (and let me perfectly unambiguous about this), I am absolutely opposed to anyone doing any harm to Richard's kids by any means for any reason! Period. Full stop. No qualifiers or weaseling. In fact, I'll go one step further and state that, if I learn of anyone who abuses Dick's kids in any way just because their father is a ignorant, festering sack of right-wing stupidity, I will make my blog available to track down said perpetrators and make their lives unspeakably uncomfortable. That's a promise.

Are we good here? Just so we're clear. Thanks for stopping by.

: If you need the entertainment value, start here and work your way back to the earlier posts one by one. You won't be disappointed. Appalled, yes. Disappointed, no.

CRAP CRAP CRAPPITY PAYPAL CRAP: Only last night, a friend was hounding me to throw up a Paypal button for donations, for no reason other than that I've written this blog for over five years (with help from the incomparable "LuLu" and "PSA") for nothing but the perverse pleasure of spanking people who desperately needed it. If only I'd known how the floodgates would be opening this morning.

So here's the deal -- I've got stuff to do this week and this weekend, but come early next week, if you're feeling generous, I'll have a way for you folks to toss something in the CC jar, which will inspire me to keep whapping the whappables and keep the liquor cabinet stocked with Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Whoops, did I just say that last part out loud?

Anyway, wander around, check out the offerings and drop in again in a few days. Bring money. My co-bloggers and liquor cabinet will thank you for it. In return, I'll tell you why Canadian ID authority Denyse O'Leary is a douchebag.

What a deal.

ONE OF MY CLASSICS: You'll like this one, I think. I'm proud of it. No, there's no Part 2. Deal with it.

FREE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: Given that I seem to be getting all the attention lately, I would be remiss in not introducing one of my co-bloggers, who goes by the appropriately evolutionary handle of "Pretty Shaved Ape" or just "PSA". And if you don't figure it's worth coming back to read my stuff, well, you might want to come back for other reasons.

He's something, isn't he?


Zorpheous said...

Well said Rob,...

Man it is nice to be able to call you by name now,... but you will always be CC or Canadian Cynic.

Hey does this mean you can start making to all the Blogging events this summer? Damn, and I just finished giving up smoking and drink,... damn!

Patrick Ross said...

You honestly meant to say that it took this to clue you in to the fact that most of your readers are disturbed, Robbie?

There's reason why they're your readers, PJ.

Sparky said...

Rats! I just compiled a whole slew of stuff about that Sparky guy!!
(trying to bring a little levity to a bad situation...)

CC said...


Just as "PSA" prefers to go by "PSA," I rather like the moniker "CC" when used bloggily. It's catchy. Pithy. Alliterative.

Now, if ya'll don't mind, I have to get back to actual work. Those version control systems aren't going to write themselves, you know.

Sparky said...

Oh forgot--cue inane response from Patrick in 3... 2... 1...
Rats! Missed it!
Hey Patrick! Kick anyone's ass lately??
(yeah, there's Patrick's wit for ya!)

liberal supporter said...

That's what makes neo such a riot. He's anonymous, yet gleefully refers to real names of anyone he can. The halls of hypocrisy indeed.

It must be a seismic event though, neo actually engaged me for a couple of comments today before reverting to delete on sight. He's only half heartedly calling me "cc aka ls" today. Such a maroon!

Even so, I can get him to double delete any comment I leave by calling him "Jim". That's just a random guess, but the reaction says I may have guessed right.

And of course he published some links to non-blogger sites, probably hoping to fish more people into being tracked.

Robert McClelland said...

I'm not sure which is funnier; the amount of energy the right whingers have put into finding out who you are or their belief that something is going to happen now that they do.

By the way, I still think you should have agreed to my plan. Not only would it have been hilarious but we could have also relieved Nambla Dick of 500 bucks.

bigcitylib said...

Ah well, you can always change your name and start blogging anonymously again.

I wasn't sure from the picture if it was you or not. But I've only seen you once and I think I was drunk.

Also, yeah, no point retaliating under these circumstances.

Zorpheous said...

I know CC, I know, just like I like go by Zorpheous or Zorph,...

LOL, how could I have forgotten Paddy-Boy,... LOL,

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Patrick Ross the terminally stupid came to play...
So how many T-shirts have you sold?

So do you and Richard Evans (I'm sure he pops a boner looking at little boys in underwear) give each other reach arounds yet?

Speaking of Evans, wondering when he's going to sue me as he stated so many times....

I find it amusing that Dick is posting links to where someone works and lives - given that these nutbars like to brag about having guns and being well deranged....

Cc is correct that we should judge the stupid on what they utter - it's easy enough to mock them.

Zorpheous said...

The funny thing about Richard is he is all about morality and such, yet he has turned his blog into a soft-porn site or has stopped posting pics of nude women now?

Patrick Ross said...

It's funny you should be saying something like that, Cherni.

I've already made the obligatory reach-around joke of the day. Don't steal my material.

Mark Richard Francis said...


Patrick Ross claims on his blog that he's suing you?

He's boasting about it:

"Amongst these things, most certainly, is the vile and pernicious slander perpetrated against me at length by Mr Day. The work of the enterprising bloggers who uncovered his identity will certainly make it much easier to pursue libel damages from Mr Day, who has now been directly issued notice of libel and instructions to cleanse the internet of it."

If you don't know who a blogger is, the process is to advise their host of the allegation. Suing Google, and the blogger as 'anonymous' is done in Canada. If he's passed statute limitations on filing, he may be screwed. I know relevant cases.

Anyway, should be interesting to see how hypocritical the 'free speechers' get.

Ti-Guy said...

*Blecch* Right wingers make me sick. Always have, always will.

Just mocking them and pointing out their criminal levels of dishonesty and extremism based on their public statements is enough to send them breaking privacy laws.

It'll all come out, eventually.

Dr.Dawg said...

I hope Ross spends a few thousand bucks before he realizes the futility of his quest.

Today is "no fuckheads" day; hence there will be comments deleted at my site from the folks who know who they are. Sleazy little piglets that they are.

Ti-Guy said...

I hope Ross spends a few thousand bucks before he realizes the futility of his quest.

Same here. Only because getting Twatsy into court will be the first step in getting him the help he needs, which will have to be court-ordered, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Poor Patrick....

Well, the only good thing I can say about you is that you don't approve of this outing...

Unlike Evans... I do worry about his children... and his wife...

Dick is posting cheerleaders -

Zorpheous said...

CC's outing anniversary will be easy enough to remember

Mark your manliness: Indiana men rally for 'National Man Day'

June 15th

CC get to celebrate his Manliness in the open at last!!!

There is ironic justice in the universe after all, LOL

CC said...


I really and truly didn't want to even glance in Patrick Ross's direction today but (as I've already explained to him via e-mail), if he wants to blather on about libel, then I can't wait to have him explain to a judge his accusation that I stalked Dick Evans' kids to their school when:

1) I haven't been to Calgary in over 15 years, and

2) I have no idea where their school is.

But if Mr. Ross wants to defend that accusation in a court of law, I'd be more than happy to make myself comfortable and watch him try his usual tortured semantics crap on a judge.

Further than that, deponent sayeth not.

P.S. I have the screenshots in case Patrick tries to remove all the evidence.

Ti-Guy said...

It really is too bad certain people hadn't tried to get Evans for cyber-stalking and harassment long ago.

Patrick Ross said...

...And likewise, Cynic, I have screenshots of your posts in which you encourage people to go after Richard through his kids.

Is that really the hill you want to die on?

Do you really think that because your toadies buy that line of argument that anyone else will?

PJ. Robbie. Buddy. They're fucking toadies. You'd be lucky to find an original thought between the collection of them.

You really never clued in to this, did you? What a shame. Wendy Sullivan actually said she thinks you're "brilliant".

Me? I've known better for a long, long time.

Southern Quebec said...

Patrick -- your fifteen minutes is up. Go the fuck away!

Dr.Dawg said...

Mullet-head is sure doing a lot of one-handed typing today.

Sparky said...

Patrick talking about brilliant? The man who adamantly condemns based on evidence--screams and rants and raves against anyone who may question that evidence, and wheen the evidence is erronous...move along--nothing to see here...
Yeah, I can see how that can be interpreted as brilliant.
On a different point--
On one hand, Patrick is all "Don't go posting cc's personal address and info" to those that, well, are.
On the other hand, Patrick is gleefully enjoying the fact that cc's been outed and can't wait to progress with the lawsuit that he's been promising for... what? Patrick?? How long have you been threatening litigation??
Stay classy, Patrick.
wv-vologna--as in 'Patrick's full of vologna'

CC said...

Patrick expectorates thusly:

"...And likewise, Cynic, I have screenshots of your posts in which you encourage people to go after Richard through his kids."

No, Patrick, you don't. You see, Patrick, unlike you, I have evidence of precisely what I say (see above). You, on the other hand (and as everyone here knows), have a talent for spectacular misrepresentation of someone's words. (In any event, such a screenshot would have no value whatsoever in protecting you from a libel suit based on what you have said about me. Anything related to third parties is irrelevant.)

Once again, Patrick, please bugger off. If you really want to get into this, have your lawyer contact me. Until that happens, please stop bluffing. It's really unbecoming.

Jon Pertwee said...

Is Twatsy getting his legal advice from Werner Patels?

hooligan said...

To reveal your identity against your will is petty and childish.

Anonymous said...

I served him with libel notice today. He's going to have a busy few days, I think.
-- Patrick Ross

Please print that.... I'd love to see if it's in crayon or something... and would be quite amusing to see what kind of lawyer would take up that cause....

LuLu said...

Sweet creeping zombie Jesus, I can barely hear myself think over all of Patrick's frantic fap-fap-fapping.

Is it just me or does anyone else get the distinct impression that this is the most action our boy Patrick's seen in his life?

I don't think it's just me.

Sparky said...

OH, AND WHILE I'M HERE, let's hop into the wayback machine to make sure we all understand my take on one Dick Evans and his kids, just so there's no confusion:

Yeah, reading comprehension was never Patrick Ross's strong suit.
Nor Mr. Evans.
Or even Neos...
I sense a trend here...

burpster said...

I'm with LuLu on this. I'm thinking Patty has one of those conditions that the Viagra commercials warn you about (call a doctor, your 4 hours are up).

Anonymous said...

I sense a trend here...
Yes. They are stupid and lie all the time. No trend, just reality.

Sparky said...

Ooooh, better watch it C_WTF!
Talk like that can get you outed!
Jackasses all...

Anonymous said...

I'm really a 75 year old lady with blue hair living in Florida. I also have 18 cats - so I'm outed...

liberal supporter said...

Meanwhile, I have left two comments at neo's in the last hour that have been double deleted:

================= neo June 15 3:02pm
Heck, I'm very tempted to cull together all of his positively egregious statements, comments, and postings send it to his workplaces.
I'm sure you are "Steve".

And the harassment campaign begins.

Let's see if neo delete's "steve's" comment as incitement to criminal harassment.

============== neo June 15 3:40pm
So, you let Steve's incitement to criminal harassment stand, eh?

Sparky said...

Nice C_WTF...
Seriously, I'm a 42 year old tech support analyst that fixes 'puter problems on the OS that cc hates the most...
And it should be relatively easy for anyone to 'out' me (though may be somewhat more difficult since I took my website down recently--was on-line since '93 but finally don't have time for it anymore, what, with a 10 week old that requires all my non-working attention)
But again, why would anyone want to? Take issue with the idea, not the person. Unfortunatley, dough-heads have forgotten that.

liberal supporter said...

Take issue with the idea, not the person. Unfortunatley, dough-heads have forgotten that.
I recall Sarah Palin's response when someone came forward with something she didn't like to do with troopergate I think.

She didn't say "that's not true" or anything. She said "Who said that?"

It's always try to silence dissent, probably because they usually can't refute it.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm just agog at the hypocrisy. Wendy "Kill all the Muslims/Indians Fuck their Daughters" Sullivan is wailing everywhere about how her feminine virtue was impugned by the beastly CC.

CC said...

As much as I don't want to have to point this out, it amuses me more than a little that the two people so shriekingly satisfied about this -- Dick Evans and "Right Girl" Wendy Sullivan are, respectively, a guy who registered lookalike domain names to drive readers to sites that promote white supremacy and sex with children and now attracts readers with daily porn, and a woman who, well, go read for yourself.

And these are the folks complaining about a lack of civility and trying to take the moral high road in all of this.

That's some serious irony, isn't it?

Richard said...

Rob, if you're going to discuss your threats in regards to my kids, I suggest you direct your readers to the correct post:

liberal supporter said...

Come on Dick, you know how to make that a hyper link. Do you think people will just not bother reading it and simply accept your calling it "threats in regards to my kids"? Because it is not. It is a call to tell your kids' teachers that their father is a high functioning but disturbed acting individual.

Your kids were not threatened in any way, and you know it. Thanks for re-publishing the libel, and resetting the actionability time clock, fool.

CC said...

First, Dick, the least you could do is figure out hyperlinks work. And, second, if one wants to go back to the lengthy post that I linked to in the body of this post, one can see you explicitly inviting me to harass your children, which I thought was an astonishingly irresponsible thing to do.

See there, Dick, where you write, "Do your best, CC..." (Ellipses in original.)

Normal parents would have freaked and demanded that someone stay away from their kids. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have clearly suggested, "Sure, bring it on, my kids are fair game."

Frankly, I'm really not keen on rehashing all of this but if you want to keep bringing it up, I'll be happy to keep reminding readers of the history of all of this.

This Is Me Posting said...


I have read the blog post you've linked to.

I honestly don't see any point in which he's threatened your kids. Is there a specific quote in this post in which he has that I may have overlooked? If so, I would appreciate the clarification.

Dr.Dawg said...

Dick seems bent, no pun intended, in exposing his links with NAMBLA to the world. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Take issue with the idea, not the person. Unfortunatley, dough-heads have forgotten that.
Except that in large part, most Conservatives are devoid on any intellectual process. They usually rely on the most specious of reasoning so they fall back on being groupthink bullies and intimidation...

The fact is that many of us are not as anonymous as the Connies think we are. Sure I'll use proxy addresses to hide where I come from, if only to ensure that these morons don't start outing me.
Many on the blogosphere know who I am - but I'm the one that decided who I could share that with. Hell, I'm even "friends" on Facebook with psa or something like that (one of his 344 friends).
Even my nemesis Cherniak knows who I am.

I have no problem with Windows XP, Server 2003/2008, Mac or even some flavours of unix - use what works for the tasks at hand - something that geeks forget too often (sorry CC). You won't find me locked into one language/OS/database...

CC said...

By the way, Dick, I'm sure many of my readers remember the numerous times you've accused me of "enabling pedophiles," as long as I still had my anonymity.

I'd really appreciate it if you made that accusation again, right here in my comments section, now that my identity is public.

Come on, Dick -- you had no problem accusing me of that before. So, for old time's sake and legal actionability, do it one more time.

I'm waiting.

Anonymous said...

I liked where Dick writes:
C.C. and Ti-Guy Neutered?

Not entirely, but their pool of potential sexual victims just shrunk considerably:


The individual who calls himself "canadiancynic" seems to like the idea that 45 year old men should be legally allowed to have sex with 14 year old boys.

That seems pretty clear what Richard Evans thinks --

Hey Dick, you've said that you'd be suing me so many times - what the fuck are you waiting for?
Are you just chicken?

Ti-Guy said...

I'd really appreciate it if you made that accusation again, right here in my comments section, now that my identity is public.

Indeed. The NAMBLER's caught in a bit of pickle, I'd say. And that's just in addition to all the cyber-stalking and harassment and accusing others of paedophilia, which happened before he started using that to harass CC.

The only people who've exposed the NAMBLER's children to anything are their unbelievably irresponsible parents. But then, that's Calgary, for you. The whole place is just a cesspool of right wing depravity.

CC said...

CWTF: Don't dilute the issue here. Richard Evans has explicitly published the accusation that "CC passively enables pedophiles," a fact which I documented here. I'm simply asking him to make that same accusation again, for convenience in my comments section (repeating those very words if he would be so kind).

Tick tick tick ...

P.S. I haven't bothered to verify this, but I'm guessing that if one tried to find that very accusation over at Richard's blog, it's probably disappeared down the memory hole by now. But that's just a guess.

mikmik said...

Rob? What's dat?

CC, you are some words on a computer screen. So is Neo.

What the fuck is the problem that certain freaks(who shall remain addressless) cannot handle the realm of ideas and always need to resort to the physical.

One of my favourite quotes(which I can't remember where the person lives that said it) is(as my momma used to say, it goes a little something like this):
Violence. The diplomacy of the dull.

I guess that intelligence means being able to cope with, and deal with, ideas. Understanding, as it were. Comfort with them and not feeling threatened by them. Not needing to resort to violence and slander.


KEvron said...

then who am i?


liberal supporter said...


Then it's true. There really are only two of us on blogger. You, and me. I'm getting tired of maintaining 50 million sock puppets. Could you take say 20 million of them off my hands?


of course, wv="poton"

KEvron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KEvron said...

"You, and me."

and that makes one.


wv = "suall". yeah, all one of us!

CC said...

Frankly, after being more than a little concerned about this, I have to admit that it seems to have petered out in a pathetic way. How disappointing.

In particular, given that my identity is no longer secret, I challenged "NAMBLA" Dick to, as he has before more than once, accuse me publicly either directly of pedophilia, or of "enabling" pedophiles (whatever the heck that means). Curiously, now that the libel card is on the table and I've called him on it, he's decided to take a powder. How utterly unsurprising.

You know, this whole outing thing may have worked out after all. Now, people can't talk defamatory smack about me anymore. That's kind of cool, don't you think?

P.S. If you happen to run across Dick making such an accusation elsewhere, feel free to grab a screenshot. That'll do just as well.

fern hill said...

CC, check out the comments at SUZY's.

liberal supporter said...

You do know about how I can listen in on any computer's microphone anywhere anytime, right? Let's listen in!

RG: Great job on the outing, Dick!
RE: What do you mean, you stupid fat cow? He was supposed to delete his blog and disappear.
RG: Well you didn't play it right, you slimy weasel. You were supposed to email him that you know who he is, get under his skin, make him feel fear.
RE: I thought this way would send him fleeing, and any harassment would not be pinned on me.
RG: You really are an idiot.
RE: Now he wants me to make the same statements I used to make to try and lure him out. You can't libel a pseudonym, but you can libel a real person. I gotta think fast.
RG: I thought you had all this figured out.
RE: I did. I did. He was supposed to see his name, and delete that comment, which would confirm I'd found him. Then he was supposed to panic and run away. There is an election coming and we really can't have him constantly pointing out the BT's are nincompoops, complete with screen shots.
RG: Did any of his readers go to your site that lets you read site logs? Do we have fresh IP numbers to track and stalk?
RE: No new ones I can see. They're all on to us. Dang
RG: So we're screwed.
RE: Yes. And I tried so hard to make the case he was harassing me, so I could get a court order for blogger to release his info. So much bait, all to no avail.
RG: So you've been a naughty boy.
RE: Oh buzz off with that. Now he's taunting me, to make all those now actionable statements. If I show up there, they'll all jeer at me.
RG: And not visit your IP trap site.
RE: Aaaaaargh!
RG: (click) Stupid beta male. Wonder what that dreamy MS guy is doing today?

liberal supporter said...

CC, check out the comments at SUZY's.
Doesn't haloscan allow SUZY to get your IP number?

KEvron said...

"Doesn't haloscan allow SUZY to get your IP number?'



Sheena said...

"CC get to celebrate his Manliness in the open at last!!!

And womankind across the blogosphere goes "oh, yawn.."

KEvron said...

SUZ deleted my comments. i called her a dirty name, the worst i know: liar.


KEvron said...

from ruffles:

"Nobody has the right to hurl invective and pejoratives at people for the reasons they simply disagree with them."

did you guys lose a war?!


Rev.Paperboy said...

I for one, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, am wondering what CC is going to do with the Evans residence and "business" after all the lawsuits are done and the court hands him the deed.
Sell it and give the money to the NDP or the Greens? Keep it intact as is and open it to the public as a museum of wingnuttia? Give it to a local charity as a homeless shelter? Sell it and blow the cash on good scotch and Taser-centered home security system? Surely not move to Calgary.
I look forward to the court transcripts of Evans and Ross' legal council breaking down in tears after the umpteenth outburst of dingbattery from their clients. I think their best option is plead insanity. Just make sure to get the money up front councillor.

Frank Frink said...

then who am i?

Uh, you're Spartacus, KEvron.

Or is that Sparky? Can never remember which.

What's changed: CC has been outed.

What hasn't changed: The obvious dumbasses are still dumber than a sack of doorknobs. They just can't help themselves.

900ft Jesus said...

This post of yours shows class, CC.

Those celebrating your loss of anonymity will eventually regret that you are now free to make public appearances as Cynic. Wider audience and all.

Elorajade said...

Stand your ground, and good for you. Unfortunately, I lost my job from voicing my opinion the wrong way on my own personal blog. So, I'm quite leery about voicing any kind of out loud opinion. I admire the fact that you can.

Keep it up!

Mike said...

Holy shit, take a few days off to work and all hell breaks loose.

I suspect Patsy had fore knowledge of this as he threatened me with a libel suit last week, saying I'd be a "co-defendant" if I dared repeat that I thought he was ok with killing abortion doctors.

Isn't that nice?

And now what? Seems like business as usual CC...

Susan said...

Pharyngulite here. I'll take your advice and be back to peruse and contribute, because I've liked what I've read so far a whole damn lot. So, what was accomplished? Many more fans for you, and thousands more folks who know what an unethical, cowardly, self-righteous, idiotic douchebag your "outer" is. Right wingnuts are such wiley strategic thinkers!