Friday, March 31, 2006

Dear Stephen: Resolve THIS.

The lead-in:

PM, Bush eager to resolve softwood dispute

Stephen Harper and George W. Bush ushered in their newly minted relationship yesterday with orders to their staffs to find ways to kick-start talks aimed at resolving the softwood lumber controversy.

OK, I'm going to type this slowly and with really short words so even people like Stephen Harper and his slobbering, sycophantic lap dogs can understand my point.

When it comes to the softwood lumber dispute, there is nothing left to resolve. There are no open issues on the table to be closed through negotiation. All of the resolution has already taken place through the NAFTA legal process and Canada has won all of that.

When it comes to settling this, I don't want International Man of Mystery PM Stephen Harper going in with a firm determination to "resolve" this. I want him going in with a firm determination to tell that worthless, lying airhead of a U.S. president that he owes Canada $5 billion. Plus interest.

This is not a case of both parties having to "resolve" anything. Everything has been resolved. This is a case of those thieving American fuckers accepting that they owe us, and to finally pay up.

Now, what part of that is giving you trouble?


Mike said...

He goes to "resolve" this and we find out that now, due to a US law, we need to have a national ID card...WTF?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Didn't Liberal star Emerson already have this in the bag?

Oh. He's a Tory now... Oh yeah, Hey! Hasn't he got this in the bag?

Fret none or very little, folks, Emerson and Harper will save the day.

No doubt a little Mexican sunshine shone on Harper and his trade relations, and there will be a big "breakthrough" announcement on the softwood deal within two weeks.

(I'm going out on a limb here, but since Emerson hasn't been seen by his constituents, here's hoping he's busy greasing the wheels of the Softwood deal.)

I wonder if Trade Ministers will need special cards to go to and fro the mother country...

Walk for Democracy, Sunday, Vancouver, Knight & 26th. Emerson's poor riding. Don't worry, he won't be there.

Anonymous said...

If Harper will decide when "negotiations" are to start again, then why was Emerson so important?
Why more negotiations anyway?
I think the softwood deal has been used as a bargaining chip between Harper and Bush. Emerson will just be needed to rubber stamp it and give it a sheen of credibility, all the better for the current gov't to take credit.
What deal have Harper, Emerson and Bush entered into now?