Monday, September 12, 2005

Sometimes, even Eleanor Clift gets it.

This is uncomfortably amusing:

An e-mail I received from a NEWSWEEK reader says if somebody had tried to withdraw a feeding tube from a brain-damaged woman at the Superdome, Bush would have sent in the Marines...

I guess, if those starving, dehydrated victims at the Superdome really wanted help, they should have just reported that someone was trying to take away their Bibles.

And here's the ultimate irony:

As much as the Bushes disparaged Clinton over the years, they want him nearby as a human shield to show they’re capable of reaching out beyond the narrow confines of class and partisan politics. The irony of a Republican president now looking to the credibility of the last Democrat in the White House to maintain his standing reveals the extent to which Bush has fallen politically.

Don't worry, Bill. As soon as you're no longer politically useful, it'll be back to all being your fault. Say what you want about the GOP, but at least they're predictable.

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