Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And suddenly, the "blame game" is in full swing.

And remember how White House Press Lizard Scott McClellan was adamant that, with respect to the stunning incompetence related to Hurricane Katrina, now was not the time for the "blame game," there would be plenty of time for that later and so on and so on. Remember that?

Well, apparently the blame game is now so in full bloom, according to this piece from the Mop and Pail:

Ousted FEMA head goes on offensive
Brown blames governor and mayor in hostile day-long congressional hearing

President George W. Bush's ousted emergency czar Michael Brown lashed out at Louisiana's governor and New Orleans's mayor yesterday, accusing them of dilly-dallying and bickering as a killer storm loomed, although he stopped just short of blaming them for the hundreds of deaths among those not evacuated.

Mr. Brown has been vilified as the personification of Washington's inadequate response to one of the country's worst natural disasters.

But he went on the offensive yesterday at Congressional hearings, accusing Louisiana's Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin of failing to recognize the severity of the threat.

"My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional," he said yesterday...

In a day-long, often-hostile session, Mr. Brown admitted to failures, but primarily blamed Ms. Blanco and Mr. Nagin.

Now, did all you White House Press Corpses catch that? Seriously, the next time Scottie tries this "we don't want to play the blame game now," he should be beaten bloody by at least the first three rows of reporters at that gaggle.

The gloves are off, children. Time to go to work.

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