Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh oh ... SOMEONE's in a bad mood.

Oh, dear ... someone at the Times woke up with a wedgie or something.

P.S. And for the numerous right-wing dumbfucks who can't figure out the difference, this excerpt from that editorial shows how political patronage isn't always as unspeakably evil as when it's practised by the Bush administration:

Political patronage has always been a hallmark of Washington life. But President Bill Clinton appointed political pals at FEMA who actually knew something about disaster management. The former FEMA director James Lee Witt, whose tenure is widely considered a major success, was a friend of Mr. Clinton's when he took office in 1993, but he had run the Arkansas Office of Emergency Services. His top staff came from regional FEMA offices.

See how that works? He might be a friend, but he's a qualified and competent friend, and not some bizarre combination of ignorant, sycophantic, right-wing nutbar and hopeless hack. Yeah, there really is a difference.

PILE ON! Apparently, the Post doesn't think a whole lot more of FEMA than the Times. There msy be hope for those two pathetic excuses for newspapers yet. One can always dream.

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