Thursday, September 29, 2005

Getting over it, conservative wingnut-style.

There's a certain amount of pathetic entertainment value to watching conservative wingnuts telling everyone else how a certain issue is done, it's history so, hey, just get over it, know what I mean?

In the same vein, one could suggest that "scientific" creationism has, in every single court case, been dismissed as the rancid, religious apologetic that it is, but does that stop these same yahoos from dragging it out, year after year, and trying to ram it into the public school system yet again?

To the citizens of Wankerville, let me make this so simple that even Weasel Boy could understand it: Creationism and Intelligent Design have been shown to be unscientific, ignorant, dishonest crap. Get over it, and move on. Please.

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