Thursday, March 16, 2006

When parody meets evangelical Christianity...

... and parody loses.

DEAR READERS: You do realize that, since this article is at "The Onion," it's a joke, right? But part of the humour is how frighteningly believable it is.


Mike said...

Yes, apparently one of the faith based initiative to fight AIDS in Africa spent millions on Bibles with the bits about chastity and being faithful highlighted with yellow marker. these where then distributed in Uganda.

Can you fucking believe it?

Annamarie said...

All that money wasted on Bibles, instead of putting that toward much-needed medicine and food. These zealous proselytizers are really something, aren't they?

Yes, I can f****** believe it.

Please see my post early this morning about a group of Texan Evangelists, and what their new project is in the U.S. of A. They are mobilizing with Bibles to bring the word to American Muslims, or as they call it, to "witness the Muslims" (or something like that).

Here is the link:
verbena-19 post

Annamarie said...

P.S. I guess that should be 'evangelicals' instead of 'Evangelists' in my comment above.

Mike said...


I know this thing was from the Onion and thus, not true. My story is true..I'll dig up the link

the rev. said...

When comparing this to the earlier screed by the grandmotherly uber Republican about how she could understand how her "black brothers and sisters" would want to vote for Democrats instead of the party of Trent Lott and Jesse Helms, the line between parody and horrifying reality just gets too blurry.