Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When faith-based initiative meets reality-based hoof to the nads.

Apparently, the new approach to American national security is to pray like hell that nothing goes wrong. Yeah, that'll work.

AFTERSNARK: And here's how the experts do it.


Anonymous said...

"I'm afraid to find out just what "Community Initiative" means. Maybe I'm just over reacting, but to me it sounds like (potentially) snooping on and reporting your neighbors"

Sounds just the Mormon Cult, er I mean religion

Cathie from Canada said...

I took this for my "Great line of the day" for today -- great post.

Dave said...

Yup. I picked this off Pandagon.

So... if I get this correctly, the next time a hurricane like Katrina comes along and wipes out, say, Miami, because FEMA screwed up New Orleans, instead of the government doing what they're paid to do, they can point at the church in the neighbourhood and say, "It's their fault! They're in charge!"