Friday, March 31, 2006

Serious dumbfuckery down at the Corner.

Sometimes, you seriously have to wonder how stupid a human being can possibly be and still be able to use a keyboard. Witness Corner Kiddie Tim Graham here:

One more note on yesterday's "War on Christians" thread: the phrase sounds more hyperbolic when liberal newspapers don't tell Americans what Canada has already done to intimidate Canada's Christians from sermonizing against the sin of homosexuality in public.

Naturally, you should follow the link provided to here, just so you can luxuriate in the overwhelming idiocy. But the part I find the most interesting is this: Why is it that a law condemning hate speech against gays is being touted as "anti-Christian" given that that law applies to everyone? (Naturally, that's a rhetorical question since we all know that it's primarily Christians who are so virulently homophobic that they might run afoul of the law. So I'm just teasing you here.)

In any event, Graham seems utterly incapable of distinguishing between laws that outlaw hate speech and attacks on a religious denomination. Unless, of course, that religious denomination espouses outlawed hate speech. And if that's the case, whose fault is that?


BC WaterBoy said...

Problem is, the type of christian that is a victim of the "war on christians", only sermonize about abortion and homosexuality. Adultry, hyprocrisy, shellfish, mixed fibres? No problem. Listening to the victims of this war, one would think the bible is a book about abortion and gays. Should the garbage these people spew be considered hate speech? Absolutely. It has nothing to do with "religious freedom".

Anonymous said...

Yep CC and BC, they conveniently forget the parts about doing unto others as you would have done unto you.
Hey, they have the right to beak off, just as I do.
Anything less is hate propoganda.
They should take a leaf out of their own book and smoke it.