Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Koufaxes: Vote early. Vote often.

And over here, The Rev. (who you can now find nestling snugly in the blogroll over there on the right ... no, doofus, the other right) reminds us of the annual Koufax awards, to which I shall add my $0.02.

Best blog: Yup, I'd go for Firedoglake as well. I will add that I'd probably pass on Eschaton these days -- still a good blog but too many open threads. Seems like Duncan's mailing it in a bit too much but, still, it's one of my regular reads.

Best New Blog: Um, yeah. Glenn Greenwald here is a no-brainer, about the same way that UNC's Tyler Hansbrough is a no-brainer for NCAA Freshman of the Year in basketball. And, remember, I'm normally a Duke fan. If Glenn doesn't win this one, I will seriously start believing in Satan.

Best Group Blog: Personally, I'm a big fan of First Draft. Athenae alone can put most other group blogs to shame.

Deserving of wider recognition: Oh, yeah. The Galloping Beaver. Good call. It doesn't matter how lazy you are, you really have to haul your sorry ass over there and vote for Dave and Cheryl. I only wish I could write that well. If Dave gets any better, I will have to kill him.

Most Humourous Blog: You already know the answer to that one. This guy. I'm pretty sure my recommendation here will make all the difference in a tight race.


stella said...

Firedoglake is a good blog, I love the concept and I especially like some of the authors, women with balls I think. But Jane Hamsher is seriously rabid... I was loathe to support her purposeful sabotage of Kate OBeirne's book on Amazon.com (she's a nutjob, to be sure), but it struck me as peurile and hateful. Yeah, Jane's a class act.

Dave said...

Hey CC! Thanks for the plug! Aside from the shameless voting for myself, we have actually received a few votes.

I have yet to read First Draft, so I'll scurry on over and have a look.

The rest are right on. And of course TBogg for Most Humourous. He alone raises the bar for all of us.

I was surprised you weren't in there. I will see that's corrected next year. (Came into the game late so my nominations were a little lax)

Cheers, and thanks again.

After fart: Cheryl is actually alive and well, but is an accountant and it's tax season. Rumours that she's buried under the new construction in my back yard are greatly exaggerated. (She fell in, but managed to crawl back out.)

the rev. said...

thanks indeed for the blogroll addition. And while I do love TBogg - his illustration for the iPod random lists alone should get an award - I am addicted to Jesus' General.