Sunday, March 05, 2006

Harper lauded for thinking outside the box.

(CC NEWS) In defending the strategy of new Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to convince former Liberal David Emerson to switch parties, former Conservative cabinet minister John Crosbie praised Harper for "thinking outside the box," describing Harper as a man who has "a firm hand at the tiller" and a man who lives in "the real world". Proclaimed Crosbie,

In attempting this Harper has shown he is a political leader who can think outside the box, as demonstrated by inviting David Emerson, re-elected as a Liberal, to become the minister of international trade — and inviting Michael Fortier, co-chair of the campaign, to become minister of public works after appointing him to the Senate.

Crosbie continued:

Emerson’s acceptance was in no way comparable to Belinda Stronach, once a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party and a member of the shadow cabinet... The movement of Emerson to the Harper government, following the election, was in no way deserving of the hysterical hissy fit frenzy of much of the media — the same media caught by surprise but undisturbed when Martin bargained Stronach into his cabinet.

Regarding Stronach, Crosbie described her as "the same cheap, traitorous, back-stabbing slut she's always been. How people can compare these two situations is absolutely beyond me."

, John, not David Crosbie. Too many Davids for one article. Sigh.


GoodGrief said...

That would be John Crosbie of Tequila Sheila fame. When I saw David, I thought of David "Crombie" who was also a Cabinet minister in Mulrooney's government. Typical BS from Mr. Crosbie. Gave me a bit of a start there. I expect that crap from Mr. Crosbie, but not from the tiny perfect mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hi CC -

You quote Crosby -- "the same cheap, traitorous, back-stabbing slut she's always been".

This quote does not appear in the editorial. Was it in an earlier version?

Grog said...

Crosby has turned into a shill for the "New Improved" CPC.

The more I see, the more convinced I become that the crooks that ran things under Brian Mulroney have gained sway at the upper echelons - and are comingling with the narrow minded bigots of the former C.C.R.A.P. (Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party) party {was there ever more truth in advertising?}.

As for Crosby's assessment of Stronach's defection versus Emerson's he's missed one key point - Stronach actually sat in the house as a Conservative, Emerson didn't even wait for the government to be sworn in before he started angling for his position at the trough.

cmax said...

I didn't know the idiot could think in the box - quelle surprise!

grog said...

I'm not sure that Harper's an idiot - at least not in the Ralph Klein/Stockwell Day sense of the word.

I think Harper's got an intellect - but that doesn't mean he has political "wisdom".