Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: March 28, 2006.

Shorter Dr. Roy: "Have you ever noticed how these "culture of life" things aren't always black and white?"

Shorter Kate McMillan: "I think it's outrageous when those on the Left use the most extreme, loony, wingnut examples of conservatives to discredit the entire right-wing movement. Hey, here's a good one ..."

Shorter Adam Daifallah: "Sometimes, I'm just so angry with the CBC's liberal bias, I could switch to watching Fox News. They're fair and balanced, you know."

Shorter Aaron Lee Wudrick: "Yeah, yeah ... openness, accountability and transparency. Jesus, you people are a bunch of whiners."

Shorter dissonance and disrespect: "Speaking as a man in a predominantly Christian culture, I feel so oppressed."

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