Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes, March 25, 2006 -- Bonus edition.

Shorter Steve Janke: "Speaking as a conservative, let me explain how cognitive dissonance works."

Shorter Damian Penny: "And while we're on the topic, I would now like to address the numerous U.N. Security Council Resolutions that Israel has violated which ... oh, darn, I see my time is up."

Shorter Conservative Life: "And then sometimes my bank gives me free money just because they like me and making too much profit would be bad, and ..."

Shorter North American Patriot: "Isn't it amazing how that one blowjob is responsible for the entire culture of Republican corruption these days? Who would have guessed?"

Shorter Blue Blogging Soapbox: "It's not all mindless, unspeakable violence in Iraq. Sometimes we take cute videos of local children before wasting them and their families."

OOPS: My mistake, that wasn't Damian Penny but "markc" posting on that site.


eb said...

Last one: OUCH.

Grog said...

I can just imagine the chapter headline in a future textbook: "Blowjobs - The End of the American Empire" ... not.

When will the Bush apologists open their hermetically sealed minds and realize that the lies that preceded invading Iraq originate within the twisted logic of the Republican administration currently in power?

Bush was so somnolent during his first year in power it was pathetic. If "security" was such a "big ticket priority", then why was the BushCo administration sitting on its fucking thumbs until 9/11 happened? They didn't do anything until they discovered that dimbulb George only looks good when there is a war to distract people.

Then - and only then - do they start finding all of these mysterious threats coming out of the woodwork.

Yes, you can blame all of the current mess on one lousy blowjob a decade ago - but you'd be horribly mistaken.

BBS said...

Thanks for the link. Traffic is always appreciated.

CathiefromCanada said...

CC, I don't know how you stand it, but thanks for doing this.

thickslab said...

Paul Synnott is cute even though he's a conservative.. Hey, bbs... you want a blow job some time? Don't worry, I won't finger your ass unless you ask me to.

Michigan J. Frog said...

FYI, that wasn't Damian Penny, but "markc" posting on Penny's site.