Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes, March 16, 2006.

Shorter North American Patriot: "Can you believe the slutty nerve of some women who flash a little skin just to get attention?"

, to address commenter Wonder Woman's whiny little gripe about giving a hoot about that "wasted" opportunity, let's take it over to TBogg, where we read (emphasis added):

“It just feels wrong,” one Simpson insider told Reuters Wednesday, adding that the actress keeps her political views private. “She would love to meet the president and talk about Operation Smile ... but she can’t do it at a fund-raiser for the Republican Party.”

Well, how about that? Simpson would just love to meet with the president to discuss the charity. She just didn't feel like being pimped out to a bunch of sleazy Republican hacks at a GOP fundraiser to do it.

Good girl. There are some things that just aren't worth doing for money.

WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Oh, Jesus, where to even begin:

The purpose of a charity, is to raise money for a cause. She was invited to do just that, for a charity she claims to hold dear.

No, you ignorant twit, she was invited to whore herself out to help the GOP make wealthy people even wealthier at a Republican fundraiser, after which I suspect she would have been discarded like a used tampon, having served her purpose. What part of that don't you get?

And, refresh my memory, but when exactly did the Right suddenly become terribly, terribly concerned with disadvantaged children overseas with facial deformities? That must have happened while I was upstairs taking a dump. Sorry I missed it.

WW continues:

Because in the world of the left wing bleeding heart, its better to be seen supporting a cause, as long as you don't have to do anything inconvenient or icky -- like having dinner with the President -- to actually further that cause.

Sigh. "Fundraiser." Not "dinner." "Fundraiser." What part of that don't you get? But let me, yet again, reproduce the salient part of the original article:

“She would love to meet the president and talk about Operation Smile ... but she can’t do it at a fund-raiser for the Republican Party.”

So, Ms. WW ... what part of that don't you understand? She would be happy to meet the Chimp, she just doesn't feel like being treated like a high-class hooker to do it. Based on what you've written, I'm guessing your standards are considerably lower.

And, finally, there's Ms. WW:

Like I said before...the little African orphan, with a cleft pallet who has to wait for his corrective surgery because Jessica didn't want to politicize her fund raising will be - I'm sure - eternally grateful that she didn't sacrifice her principles for his sake...

Jesus Fucking Christ ... that's "palate," not "pallet." God Almighty ... bitchy and illiterate. You really are quite the package, aren't you?

By the way, Ms. WW, here's the charity whose patron you seem so delighted to slag from the comfort of your keyboard. And just what the fuck have you done lately to make the world a better place?


Grog said...

Heaven forbid that she might actually have principles as well as looks.

Procrastinatrix said...

Um, have you checked out said blog?

There are some fairly suggestive pictures of the blogger there. Not there is anything wrong with that per se, but why crap on someone else for being a sex kittin when you are sitting there with your cleavage hanging out?

I know JS has had a few "instances" making one question her intelligence, but lets face don't get that rich by being stupid.

So, maybe she doesn't want to affiliate herself with a bigoted narrow minded olitical party that really in general doesn't give two craps about Africa......makes her smart if you ask me.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm not crapping on her for being a sex kitten...I'm criticizing her for being a hypocrite and an idiot.

Its not about affiliation with any political party - it's about raising money for charity. Remember charity? Or do you people not give a hoot about that wasted opportunity?

CC said...

Writes Wonder Woman:

I'm not crapping on her for being a sex kitten...

Ah, so we all totally misinterpreted that "Maybe she should stick with what she does best" dig? Gee, and it seemed so unambiguous to me.

I'm criticizing her for being a hypocrite and an idiot.

Um ... that's some serious irony coming from a Bush supporter. You do realize that, don't you?

Its not about affiliation with any political party - it's about raising money for charity. Remember charity? Or do you people not give a hoot about that wasted opportunity?

And since it's Ms. Simpson's charity, perhaps she should have the latitude to raise that money any way she sees fit, and associate with whomever she pleases to do it. Which, if you hang out with prominent Republicans, might or might not include slutty porn stars.

Hard to believe, but perhaps Ms. Simpson really does have enough class and taste to recognize trash when she sees it. Which, sadly, is more than we can say about the occasional right-wing, female blogger.

P.S. By the way, Ms. WW, there is absolutely nothing that would have guaranteed that Simpson would have received any benefit whatsoever from attending this shindig.

This was a Republican fundraiser and, as such, it's virtually certain that Simpson was invited simply as a draw to suck more money into GOP coffers. I doubt she would have seen any of that.

And, in closing, Ms. WW, the day you can match Simpson's charitable efforts for needy children overseas is the day you earn the right to be that much of a catty little bitch. And not one day before.

GoodGrief said...

CC You're my hero of the day.
JS sells sex, so it's problematic why the ultra-rightwing faction of the republicans would want her - being so morally upright and all. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she has a vast audience of young folks? No, they wouldn't be so crass to sink their moral objections just to get money and votes, would they.
I'm not a fan and until today, I regarded this woman in the ranks of the mindless, controlled by men, moneymaking machines. Today, she has shown that she actually has a conscience, can understand the ramifications of her actions, and is willing to stand up for her beliefs.
It's rather interesting that the Republican party, responsible for the tax cut that benefited the top 10% of the richest, cut food programs, introduced a disastrous medicaid program and is intent on gutting any social security that the population may have left, chose to try to soften their image by bringing in people who actually do something for those who need help, in order to bolster their image as a caring party.

Wonder Woman said...

I am a regular contributor and participant in a litany of charitable drives, mostly for children.
And one spelling error makes me illiterate? Uh huh.
Funny the republicans don't use the word whore in relation to Jessica Simpson, but you do...twice. But they're the pimps.

Wonder Woman said...

BTW...I guess this means I can count on you for a contribution when my family participates - again - in the Megan's Walk for Pediatric Cancer relief, through the Hospital for Sick Children, this spring.

Or is it just US walking the walk?

GoodGrief said...

CC, you have some very interesting commentors. It's enlightening to come here and read the responses to your articles. Wonder Woman is a prime example, although Jeff and Jason also qualify.
I won't go into the grammar or spelling, because that is superficial, and is only a reflection on the sad state of education today, which is another story.
My interest lies in the suggestion that your commenter - WW - makes - she is pure, she donates and participates in charitable situations, she can't understand why you are implicating the republican party in devious scenarios etc. I love the reference to pimps and whores. Where does this commenter's mind lie. I recognize your comment about the republican party expecting the young lady to sell herself to benefit their party both in money and votes - hence the word Whore. Perhaps I'm out of touch, but I don't understand why the use of the word leads to an accusation of you being a pimp. Could you enlighten, please, because I'm having a really difficult time following WW's arguments - actually, they are not arguments, they are slurs, accusations, denigrations. If she thinks that she and her "family" are the only ones who volunteer, she is sadly mistaken. If she thinks that this is the type of behaviour that will influence people to volunteer or donate, she is sadly mistaken. If I were involved with Megan's Walk, I would be seriously considering how to offset the negativism generated by WW, as that sort of crap can only lead to lost donations.
WW, I support and volunteer in a number of NGOs. If you really want to help, get off your high partisan pony, and help - don't use them as a soapbox or a resume enhancing entry.

Procrastinatrix said...

Whoa with the name calling everyone! I don't think that this is a contest.

I perfectly understand the point you made WW. But politicizing the charity wouldn't have necessarily brought in more cash, in fact, it might turn some people off from donating. I think that she is perfectly justified in making the choice she did-keeping politics out of it. If they are really interested in the charity and not image, then the republican party will donate regardless of JS attending a partisan fundraiser.

Furthermore, if the GOP is interested in making things better for the poor, deformed children in Africa, maybe they should re-evaluate some of their foreign policy, instead of opting for good PR by cozying up with celebrities.

I wasn't implying you dress like a slut, and your cleavage is enviable.
That said, your snarky remarks made it quite clear you think that all she is useful for is a good wank.

CC said...

To WW:

Ah, now I see how this works. Apparently, it's not whether someone does altruistic or charitable work that counts in your world. Rather, it's only whether that charitable work involves charities of your choice and is done on your terms that matters.

Jessica Simpson is a patron of a commendable charity, but that's not good enough for you because she won't sell herself out to the hacks at the GOP to help them with their fundraiser. Instead, it makes her a "hypocrite" and an "idiot."

(And, make no mistake, if this had happened several years ago and Simpson had had exactly the same response to an identical request from Democratic President Bill Clinton, you and I both know that you would have been at the head of the line, praising Simpson for her courageous moral and ethical stand. Sorry, what was all that about "hypocrisy" again?)

And it's interesting, your implication that, unless one gets involved specifically in Megan's Walk (one of your preferred charities, apparently), one is not really "walking the walk." How amusing.

Over here, we read that that liberal, leftist moonbat George Clooney is donating his entire Oscar gift bag to charity, to raise money for hurricane relief. Gosh, I would have thought that was commendable but, as I read your screed, George's good works don't matter unless he humps his sorry ass up here and personally supports your walk.

If I were you, I'd get on the phone to George and make it clear that, unless he drops everything and hustles up here to help you out, well, his charitable ventures don't mean squat since they don't bear the "WW" seal of approval.

And as for my "walking the walk," WW, it just so happens that, among other contributions I've made, I have -- in the course of a single day and all by myself -- raised almost one thousand dollars for a local womens' shelter.

I choose where my charitable efforts go and I don't need your validation for it, so why don't you just put a fucking sock in it?

This entire discussion was never about charity or good works. It was all about how that trashy hypocrite Jessica Simpson had her own ideas about how to run her charity and how dare that little tramp decide she didn't want to drag politics into it, the little tart.

And, by the way, I'm still waiting for you to tell me when the Right suddenly became all that concerned about less fortunate children overseas with facial deformities. I notice you tap danced around that question. I'm still waiting for an answer.

Wonder Woman said...

My comment about my own charitable work was meant as nothing more than a response to the Cynics question of what I have done lately to make the world a better place. He asked.

CC said...

Earlier, WW throws down the challenge:

BTW...I guess this means I can count on you for a contribution when my family participates - again - in the Megan's Walk for Pediatric Cancer relief, through the Hospital for Sick Children, this spring.

Or is it just US walking the walk?

As you wish. Put me down for $100. Just tell me when and where to send the money. Now, let's see which of your regular readers want to match that. Or whether I'm the only one willing to put my money where my mouth is.