Friday, March 31, 2006

Blogging Tories: Always looking out for their own.

Now here's an amusing observation for a Friday afternoon. As of right now (almost 3 p.m.), I was poking around the Progressive Bloggers site and decided to make a list of everyone just on the home page who had written on criminally stupid CPC MP Colin Mayes, who had suggested jailing journalists who write, in his opinion, "distorted" or "inaccurate" articles.

Not surprisingly, the progressive blogosphere is less than impressed with this asinine idea, as you can see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (And, again, these links were just the ones on the main page at as of 3 p.m.)

And the Blogging Tories? Well, you'd think that, being the pathological liars that they are, they'd be even more displeased with this idea. And you'd be wrong. Again, as of a 3 p.m. snapshot, the BT home page (as best as I can tell) contained exactly three pieces by its membership on ths topic: this one, this one and this one. Notice anything a bit odd about those particular BT authors? Why, yes, yes you do.

The first is "The Progressive Right," who is also a member of and whose piece is already included in that first list, the second is Andrew at Bound by Gravity, who is widely considered to be the sole clinically sane person over at BT, and the third is ... well, I'm not sure but I will give him props for taking Mayes to task. All in all, not an impressive display of concern for free speech.

No, while one of their own party MPs was seriously suggesting jailing journalists, they were more captivated by stories of the time slot for The Amazing Race, Democratic Congresswomen about to be arrested, Pamela Anderson and more Pamela Anderson (same guy -- get a freakin' life fer Chrissake), among other things.

Always nice to find out what one's priorities are, no?

: Dave over at TGB makes the case that the Mayes stupidity is just the beginning of the flood. Oh, man, I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Mayes riding. At the January 23rd all-candidates forum, the dumb fuck red neck came unglued when a local female rights activist group grilled him about abortion. He parroted Harper's talking points until pushed further when he let the cat out of the bag on his REAl agenda which was to "vote with his moral conscience", translated to mean, when the legislation is tabled, he will vote in favour of outlawing abortion. He was also grilled by local Salmon Arm residents about some shady land deals and he turned that into the "red buttons and NDP supporters are out to get me". He is as dumb as a fucking post and he needs to talk some more. C'mon folks, it's not hard to get these dimwits to talk, get them talking!